Financial Transactions Made Easy With Paymaya and Smart Padala

I love it when technology makes our lives easier. Technology revolutionized the way we learn, the way we shop, the way we hail a cab and now technology also is revolutionizing the way we conduct our day to day financial transactions. Unfortunately, Baguio City is most of the time about “2 months” behind any new technology released in Metro Manila or any technology introduced globally. How soon can you get your hands on the latest iPhone? Unless you pre-order from an online shopping website, you will have to wait before it hits the store shelves. The point is, Baguio City is lagging when it comes to innovative technologies that disrupts our way of going about our daily activities. This is why it is a good thing whenever companies spend their time to visit Baguio City and introduce such innovative products or services.

The ever passionate Co-COO of Paymaya Mr. Benjie Fernandez

Easier Shopping With Paymaya

Paymaya is a free and secure app that allows shoppers like you to shop online without the use of a credit card. Paymaya is not only for conducting your online transactions like shopping online, with the physical card, you will be able to conduct offline transactions in any shop that accepts visa/mastercard as payments. Yes, Paymaya can serve as a prepaid credit card.

Convenient and Ready To Go

Nick Wilwayco and Mervin Wenke sharing with Baguio Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Online Influencers the many benefits of using Paymaya and Smart Padala

What I particularly like about Paymaya is that you can easily access it today by just downloading the app via the Google play store or the App Store. Now of course you have to load or top-up your Paymaya account before you can use it to purchase anything online. Well, the good thing about loading it up is that you do not need to fall in a “zigzag” line (if you know where this is) and wait for a long time in banks, just go to any 711 store and access the Cliqq kiosk, with just a few taps and you’re good to go!
Unbelievably easy but yes the technology is here in Baguio and it’s available now!

Smart Padala, Smarter Remittance

According to the data from the first National Baseline Survey on Financial Inclusion a Filipino will spend an average of 43 pesos just to receive remittances. This amount is spent mostly on transportation going to and from the remittance center. It is this problem that Smart Padala is trying to solve. With their “pick-up anywhere” program which was launched in 2015, receiving remittances is now easier and a lot more secured. There is no need to fill up too many forms, just fill up the simple transaction slip, present your ID and show the one-time PIN that is going to be sent to your mobile number.

Literally Pick up Remittance Anywhere

With its over 15,000 Smart Padala centers nationwide and with the easy process for store owners to become a Smart Padala agent/center there is definitely going to be a Smart Padala center closer to you. Which means you do not have to spend a lot just for transportation to claim your remittance.

If you want to earn an extra income, you can also apply to become a Smart Padala Center.

Start using Paymaya now by downloading the app via Google PlayStore or via the App Store

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