Klepon, Laksa and Rumah Sate

Go where there is a line. It seems that this is becoming a rule for travelers whenever they cannot decide on where to eat among a group of food stalls or restaurants located adjacent to each other. In Baguio City, I was able to observe that in some of the “food districts”. Tourists tend to go where there are lots of people instead of trying out other restaurants. You cannot blame them of course, since they do not want to spend their money on food where they would just be disappointed.

Going Against The Rule

At Ketchup Food Community there are several restaurants with their own unique specialty. Because some of the restaurants were already fully occupied, we decided to eat where there are more space or available tables, we went to Rumah Sate. This is not my first time at Rumah Sate, I always go to this place if I crave for Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean food. Yep I did not follow the rule of going to where there are lots of diners, instead we went where there are very few people and but with the knowledge that their food is equally awesome!

Spicy Laksa at Rumah Sate

The delicious Laksa From Rumah Sate

After trying out the other Laksa dishes in other restaurants in Baguio City, I could confidently say that Rumah Sate’s Laksa is the best if not among the best. The perfect balance of spicy and the creaminess of the coconut milk truly brings out the flavor of this dish. Three huge shrimps and chunks of tofu with a handful of bean sprouts makes it all worth every penny. Not to mention the noodles and the different herbs like lemon grass and coriander added to give that aromatic twist. On this particular visit, my only regret was the noodles was a bit overcooked for me as compared to my other visits, but hey, the flavor is still there and it is still delicious!

Laksa Price: P195/bowl

Finally Klepon

The Bouquet Klepon

After several visits at Rumah Sate, I was finally able to taste that green ball called Klepon. In each of my visit I always order this dessert but to my disappointment it is always unavailable. But not today! The Klepon is ready to be served! Klepon is a sweet Indonesian rice ball that is stuffed with palm sugar and rolled in dried coconut to give it that crunch. Now the green coloring could come from an artificial food color or a natural Pandan paste. I love how they presented the dish, as it was wrapped individually in cone shaped banana leaves and arranged in a bouquet, really IG worthy! As for the taste? It’s one that you would expect from a rice ball with added crunch from the coconut and the palm sugar inside. Not to mention the fact that the Klepon was served hot.

Klepon Price: P80/6pcs.


Live A Little Go Against The General Rule

Okay let me clarify observe the law but in general rules like “go where the line is” when choosing a place to eat, it would be best if you go against that rule. Trying out new dishes won’t hurt and you may even learn a thing or two. In this case I am glad we tried Rumah Sate.


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