5 Fun and Affordable Activities You Can Do With Your Family In Baguio

As a person born with Ilocano blood, being thrifty is already part of our culture. This is why whenever we suggest a family travel or even a family picnic in Baguio City, we always hear opposition from our elders. They would always say that it is just a waste of time and money and we could just use or invest such in other rewarding endeavors like investing in the stock market perhaps?

Well, I always believe that we should always take regular breaks especially after going through a hectic week or month. I always believe that the time spent on your family vacation is not a waste of time but rather an opportunity to enrich ourselves personally and as a family.

Baguio City, because of its cool weather, clean air, and natural environment has become one of the must-visit places in the Philippines. Going on a family vacation and searching for an accommodation in Baguio City need not be expensive, in fact, you and your family can enjoy fun activities in Baguio without having to spend a fortune. Here are five fun activities which you can do with your family in Baguio City.

  1. Enjoy a Day at The Children’s Park – for families with small children in tow, a visit to the Children’s park is one of the fun and affordable activity you can do. Just bring a picnic blanket, buy food from a nearby convenience store, find a suitable spot to spread your blanket and let your children play on the swings, slides, monkey bars and mini-obstacle courses at the Children’s park and you are all set for a day of fun with your little ones! Access to the Children’s park is free just remember to clean up after.

    The Children’s Park / Playground

  2. Ride A Boat at the Burnham Lake – the Burnham lake is a man-made lake that was part of the city design of an American Architect by the name of Daniel Burnham. Park-goers can enjoy the view of the Burnham lake from the lake itself by renting a boat and rowing to the middle of the lake. It is a fun activity which you and your family can enjoy for as low as P100 per hour. The rate would vary though depending on the season.

    Burnham Lake Swan Boats

  3. Bike Around the Burnham Biking Area – rent a bike at the Burnham Biking area and cruise around with your children aboard a sidecar. The biking area is divided into two, an area for a more relaxed, kid-friendly and safer biking lane and an area for adults and teenagers where two-wheeled bikes are the preferred choice. On regular days we pay around 50 pesos to enjoy biking around the designated area for about 30 minutes which was extended to I think more than an hour since there were not many people around during the weekdays.

    Burnham Park Biking Area

  4. Whole Day Picnic At Camp John Hay – if you are looking for a less crowded picnic area and enjoy your time with your family closer to nature, the picnic area at the Camp John Hay Scout hill is a good place to go. You just need to pay for a picnic table which is about P200 for the whole day for each table. If you are lucky enough you might even be able to use the grill area.

    Picnic Under the Trees

  5. Hike at the Camp John Hay Eco-trail – if you want to experience a little adventure with your family. Try hiking at the Camp John Hay eco-trail. The entrance to the eco-trail is located at the paintball republic area. We had a difficult time in locating the entrance to the trail at first, after asking the guys at the paintball republic area we immediately found the entrance. Walking through the trail allowed us to see different types of plants, trees and even saw different kinds of birds, I am not sure but I think I could have seen a woodpecker on a tree trunk at one time. The trail ends at the first gate of Camp John Hay at Loakan road, so if you do not want to exit Camp John Hay just yet it would be best to go back where you came from once you reach the popular picnic area at the eco-trail.

    Camp John Hay Eco-trail


Spending your vacation in Baguio City doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These five activities are more than enough to spend your vacation in the City of Pines. Besides what is important is not really the amount you spend but rather the time you spend with your loved ones. Good thing, Baguio offers these affordable activities which you can enjoy without breaking into your savings.

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