A Sumptuous Breakfast With The Selfie Expert! OPPO F1s

Typhoon Lawin didn’t stop the team from Oppo F1s to bringing the #SelfieExpert to Baguio City. In a breakfast held at Hillstation at Casa Vallejo, participants were treated to a delicious breakfast as well as an hour of knowledge sharing on why OPPO F1s is the true selfie expert!

Trying Out The OPPO F1s

We got to try out the OPPO F1s, and if you are a Baguio Blogger these opportunity comes very rare so we immediately dove into trying it out! With that 16 megapixel front camera the photos (your selfie photos that is) are really stunning, clear and if I say so myself makes me look flawless. I think the latter has got something to do with the different camera modes or functions which you can activate at anytime. The feature I appreciate so much is the ability of the OPPO F1s to take clear selfies on low light conditions, without having to have deep technical knowledge, just a tap on the screen and you get the perfect light for your photos!

However, the OPPO F1s doesn’t stop there! The 13 megapixel camera is also impressive capturing clear photos. The ability of OPPO F1s to take great photos both using its front and back camera makes it the perfect travel companion as you explore Baguio City!

The Selfie Experts

In Conclusion

The OPPO F1s is indeed, for me at least, rightfully should own the title as the selfie expert for the very simple reason that the front camera is as powerful than its back camera. In a world where people on social media appreciates a good selfie equally with a good landscape photo, the OPPO F1s definitely should be the phone of those who takes the former.

What About The Breakfast?

It’s at Hillstation, the home of “death by chocolate” of course the food is yummy! We did enjoy the breakfast!


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