Authentic Japanese Buffet At Shoriken

In the evolution of Baguio City’s food scene, the Japanese cuisine must have been the type of dish that played a love-hate relationship with the City of Pines. I say this because during the early 2000 there were a proliferation of Japanese restaurants in the City. Have you heard of Rai-rai ken? Shikki and its three branches in Baguio? If not then you may have missed the first rise of Japanese cuisine in Baguio. Sadly, these Japanese restaurants closed down, maybe due to the fact that they were not able to capture that generations’ taste. I was among the few who got disappointed when these Japanese restaurants closed because I honestly love their food.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today, it looks like there is a resurgence of Japanese restaurants serving authentic Japanese dishes. One evidence if the opening of new japanese restaurants in Baguio City. One particular Japanese restaurant that caught our attention is Shoriken at Mines View. The reason why it caught our attention is because of the fact that they have a Japanese buffet type of set-up on weekends. Imagine, having to taste all your favorite Japanese dishes!

Shoriken Minesview

Shoriken at Minesview is one of Baguio City’s newest Japanese restaurant located adjacent to the popular tourist destination in Baguio Minesview Park. The popularity of this tourist destination spawned several businesses like hotels and restaurants.

Our first visit to Shoriken was because of an invite from their management through a common friend. Trying out their food for the first time took me back to what i can remember enjoying a Japanese meal. Only this time it’s buffet style so I could actually choose what I want and eat as much as I want. The sashimi caught my eye, aside from the tuna and salmon are looking fresh you can also ask the chef on station to torch it for you if you do not want it fresh. The frying pan next to it also is attention grabbing because of the fact that you can actually witness your tempura being cooked in “real-time” which i think is awesome! Another thing that really caught my attention was the Kani salad station, I am a sucker for kani salad and I want it fresh! At Shoriken, their Kani salad is really fresh and delicious, and I thought the buffet style of serving would ruin it but it didn’t!

The Taste at Shoriken Minesview

The taste? Let’s just say this is that taste that you would expect of a Japanese dish! That melt in your mouth fresh tuna topped with fresh wasabi and dipped in light soy truly makes the experience all awesome! You must also try their Kani salad, but make sure to leave some for the the guy next to you. If you are a fun of tempura then experience how it’s made, wait and watch as they cook your tempura in front of you. Now that is fast and fresh food!

If you happen to be in Baguio and looking to try Japanese dishes, try Shorikens Japanese Buffet during the weekends! As for the price it is P499/person. But make sure to call 0917-780-8788 for reservations, because seats are limited.

Shoriken Experience Video




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