Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers, A Nibbling Experience

I have a Cafe…I have a Fish Spa…Ugh…Cafe Fish Spa! Blame this introduction to the now popular LSS Youtube video PPAP! Well, this is what came to my mind when we first visited Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers Fish Spa. Two…actually three different kinds of establishments providing different products or services in just one space at Abanao Square.

Little Nibblers Baguio

Little Nibblers

Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers are among the newest addition to the now growing list of Cafe’s in Baguio City. This Cafe is quite different though, since it doubles as a fish spa and boutique. Upon entering the establishment you will be greeted by several aquariums full of their “little nibblers”. Their “little nibblers” are called Garra Rufa or “doctor fish”. They were said to be called as such because of their ability to facilitate regeneration of the skin. Once your feet are in the water, these “little nibblers” will immediately start to swarm your feet and nibble the dead skin cells. My 7 year old daughter who tried Little Nibblers 15 minutes for 90 pesos fish spa said that the experience was “tickling”.

Fifteen minutes fish spa might look too short for a spa experience however it wasn’t really. 15 minutes was just right, although if you felt like you need to give it more time then add another 15 minutes and pay only 50 pesos! But, just a warning that might be too long especially so if your Cafe Kayman treats are waiting at the table.

Cafe Kayman

While my daughter was having her fish spa, we sat down at one of Cafe Kayman’s bench and ordered some treats. I could understand that they just opened last September 1, 2016 thus they are in the process of experimenting on trying to find the right menu for their clients, there are just a few choices of pastries, coffee, fraps and a single dish of salad on their menu. Since their cookies (80 pesos) looked appealing and matcha frap (110 pesos) sounds like a good idea those are what I ordered.  We also ordered their “pastillas”, cinnamon rolls and a kiwi muffin.

First Time First Try at Cafe Kayman

Matcha Frap and Kiwi Muffin

If like me, it is your first time to try Cafe Kayman, their Matcha Frap is a must try, a little under green in color compared to what I am used to in the other cafe’s in Baguio but the flavor still works. The cookies were soft and crunchy at the same time. The Kiwi muffin though had to climb a little bit more in terms of size and taste, especially if we compare it with the Cafe that originally served Kiwi Muffins. The size is smaller than the original but the taste is just right, but still it is a must try at Cafe Kayman.

The Interior of Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers

Part of the interior

One thing that caught our attention, aside from the aquariums is the interior decoration of Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers, the quote laden walls, studded with brick layer design, just gives that right country appeal. Really perfect for that escape from the busy mall ambiance outside.

Location of Cafe Kayman and Little Nibblers

They are located at the 3rd Floor of the Abanao Square building. It is just to your left or right depending which direction and flight of stairs are you taking, but it is not difficult to spot especially if you are really out to look for it. They are open from 9am to 8pm.


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