Raisin Bread? Or Raisin Wrap?

One of the most sought after “pasalubong” in Baguio City is the Raisin Bread. The popularity of this yummy moist club-shaped bread smothered with cinnamon and raisin captured the taste of not only the tourists in Baguio but residents as well. We sometimes take the time to go to the store where this bread is being sold just to satisfy our cravings.

What Makes the Baguio Raisin Bread Unique?

That is actually the question that I myself is asking. Can we not get raisin bread in any place? Isn’t it very easy to duplicate? Unfortunately, it can easily be duplicated but one thing maybe that makes it unique is the the flavor, it has the right sweetness by blending the flavors of the cinnamon, raisin and of course the bread. But lets save the argument on what makes Baguio Raisin Bread unique for another time. What I am really trying to tell you is something that we discovered while searching for pastries at this popular hotel.

Is This a Raisin Bread? Or Raisins Wrapped in Bread?

After having eaten merienda (snack/ tea time) buffet at a popular hotel-restaurant in Baguio City we decided to take a look at the “ginger bread” house adjacent to the hotel (well I just called it that, not really sure what it’s called). Anyway, since we want to bring home some pastries be bought a “club” of raisin bread. My expectations isn’t much since it doesn’t have any fancy cover or anything, just raisin bread wrapped in plastic.

Upon arriving home, it took us about 4 hours before we decided to slice the raisin bread. There was no excitement in the air since…well…it’s raisin bread! But all that changed when the pieces were finally sliced! There were more raisins than bread!

More raisins than bread!
They also serve it at the buffet area

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