Kobe Cafe Where You Visit 3 Countries At Once

Kobe Cafe is the latest addition to Baguio City’s ever growing cafe business. Indeed our love and passion for food bring out the entrepreneur side of every Filipino. When we heard about Kobe Cafe from our good friend we said that a visit might be proper because well we owe it to our readers to help you be informed of the new cafe, resto, hotel or tourist destination in Baguio City.

Kobe Cafe Location

We Found Kobe Cafe

Where is Kobe Cafe? It is located at the ECCO Building at the corner of General Luna Road and Assumption Road. It is not located along the road and since it is new, business signs might have yet to be placed. Anyway, to find this place you have to enter ECCO Building, the entrance is located at the left side of the McDonalds Assumption entrance. Take the elevator to the third floor, go left then turn left again, just go straight after that and you will see the Kobe Cafe sign by the door. Reading this instruction may be difficult but believe me, it is easy to locate.

Kobe Cafe Interior

When we first entered Kobe Cafe the first thing that caught our eye is the wonderful mural, especially that 3D mural near the entrance. Another thing that is evident in Kobe Cafe is the obvious division of the cafe into a Japanese theme, an Italian theme and the American theme of Kobe Cafe. We chose the Japanese section, since was so inviting. We were told to remove our shoes because we were at the Japanese section although I noticed the clients before us did not actually remove their shoes but that’s okay. At first I did not want to sit in the Japanese section of Kobe Cafe since it looked like I have to sit in a lotus position, however, I realized then that the floor is elevated and there is a “hole” under the table so you sit at a normal position sans the backrest. I also love the American section of Kobe Cafe, the tables are made out of recycled car tires and glass, under the glass is a collection of sand and shell, which is a nice thing to look at if you ever get bored.

The Kobe Cafe Menu

Pesto and a Visit to Italy

The division of Kobe Cafe into three countries is also evident in their menu, Pizza I think may be the highlight of the Italy side, the Ramen at the Japanese Side and I assume it is the burger for the American side. Unfortunately, the pizza was not available at that time so we settled ordering their Ramen, Chicken Wrap, and Pesto. Our total bill was about more than P400 for 2 Bowls of Ramen, One Chicken Wrap, an order of Pesto and three orders of drinks.


I Ate The Ramen at Kobe Cafe

Kobe Ramen, Rice Ball, and Matcha

I just had to mention this, when you order the Kobe Ramen, it comes with a rice ball as a side dish. Usually, I eat the ramen first and the side dish last or vice versa. In this case, I ate the Ramen first which was a mistake on my part because I found that taste of the Ramen to be lacking in flavor. If you are used to eating Ramen you might find the flavor different and wanting compared to the Ramen served in other Ramen shops. So here’s where I made the error, I thought the rice ball was sweet! But when I finally took a bite at the rice ball after finishing the Ramen, I thought to myself “so that’s where the flavor went!”. You have to eat it along with the Ramen! I tried sipping the remaining soup and took at bite at the rice ball and it works!

What I appreciate with the soup is that I did not detect a slight hint of any artificial flavoring, for a person who lives in  a home where flavorings such as broth cubes and flavor granules are banned and using only salt, pepper, and herbs for flavor, we easily detect if there are artificial flavorings added in the dish. In this case with Kobe Cafe, there are none.

A Visit To Japan


We have reviewed lots of restaurants along with our Food Blog BBitesPH and what we noticed is that new restaurants and cafes are always in their adjustment period during their first three months of operation. We noticed that even with a seasoned brand when they opened their branch in Baguio City. So what we are saying is that it happens, sometimes there are mixed reviews on their food or service. So when you visit Kobe Cafe we also would like to advise you to try to understand that there is an adjustment period and these things happen. Those who overcame this adjustment period were those who listened to their customers and made some adjustments.

Have you tried dining at Kobe Cafe? Tell us what you think through the comment section below!

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