I’ve Found a Padrina in Il Padrino Baguio

My “padrina” and I checked out a new coffee shop along Session Road named Il Padrino. We ordered Macchiato for me and Twinnings tea for my diet-conscious friend. Macchiato is my choice every time I head out for coffee and therefore, I cannot help comparing them with what I had from other coffee shops. As they say “a cup of coffee keeps the grumpy away”, either people actually say that or It’s just me but hey it does keep the “grumpy” away, I had my coffee so I wouldn’t bore you with so many scientific benefits of drinking such rather than telling you if I indeed like Il Padrino’s macchiato. At first, sip, to be honest, it didn’t appeal to me, it was bitter, it is coffee after all and by definition macchiato is a frothy espresso coffee drink but I like mine with a tinge of caramel in it. Don’t get me wrong, there was caramel in my macchiato, however, it sets at the bottom that you cannot taste in on the first sip, I had to finish more than half of my cup of Macchiato before I finally got into the sweet “core”, had I been provided with a stirrer or had been informed on the caramel at the bottom then it would have been perfect. 

The Yummy Pesto at Il Padrino Baguio

The Chicken Crema Al Pesto and an almost finished Macchiato

Despite the “mishap” in my coffee, we decided to get an additional order of chicken crema al pesto. Their version of pesto is best devoured with a spoonful of a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The dressing gives an extra flavor to the pasta that makes it distinct with the other restaurant that offers pesto, yes finally something different on my pesto!

To end our snack we had to share a slice of purple yam cake since as I’ve said my companion is a diet conscious person who doesn’t want sweet that much. The cake is in sync with the tea that we ordered, it is moist and not too sweet. This is one their version of Baguio inspired offering, they’ve used “ube” or purple yam as the main ingredient on their cake. Trust me when I say the cake is as delicious as it looks!

Il Padrino has other Cordilleran inspired dishes which I would love to taste when we return to this Cafe at Session Road.

The Purple Yam Cake

In Summary

Did I love the food? Well, in this instance, my personal favorite is the chicken al pesto but I would definitely give the Macchiato another try. As for the price we’ve spent a total of P486 pesos for a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, a plate of pesto and a slice of cake. Not bad as I didn’t only enjoy the food but I also had fun catching up with my long time friend. The setting of the restaurant is quaint with a touch of the Benguet culture with the presence of makeshift wood decorations and wood planks. Although the crew is a little bit overwhelmed with the turnout of the many customers, the quality and the waiting time is being sacrificed. but still, we have to give credit to them and some room for improvement as they have to adjust to the flow of Baguio people who wants to taste a little of something of what Il Padrino has to offer.


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  1. Galing din ako dyan kahapon! Daming tao, macchiato din order ko walang binigay na pang halo kaya yung fork na lang ng cake ginamit ko. Masarap nga yung Ube cake!

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