Lakbay Around Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay is a former Military base used by the Americans for rest and recreation. Before World War 2 the Camp is a place for soldiers to recuperate. Today, Camp John Hay is a tourist attraction in Baguio City. For me, Camp John Hay is one of the places in Baguio City where I could get fresh air and jog. With its natural beauty still preserved, Camp John Hay is also a great place to take photos of nature, from flowers, trees, insects or just the natural landscape.

Here are some of the photos I captured while walking and jogging around Camp John Hay.

Just beyond the Camp John Hay Gate and Chocolate de Batirol


Beautiful Morning among the trees captured by OPPO F1s


Bridge at the Mr Beans Garden


Capturing the Picnic Area at the Camp John Hay Scout Hill With the OPPO F1s


Scout Hill at Camp John Hay


Playground at the Scout Hill Camp John Hay


That OPPO F1s camera can capture the details of this Flower


Road To the Techno Hub at Camp John Hay


Stop and see the beauty of nature


Exploring the Eco Trail at Camp John Hay


Flowers at the Techno Hub


Morning walk around Camp John Hay is recommended not only because the landscape is beautiful in the morning but also there are lesser vehicles traveling through the roads of Camp John Hay.

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