Photos Around Burnham Park With The OPPO F1s

Lakbay Baguio is a blog about almost anything but mostly about my experience walking around Baguio City. I love to take photos, although I do not have the “best” photography tools I think my photos are decent enough. Today let me take you on my walk around Burnham Park as captured with the OPPO F1s.

This Chicken Crossed the err…Road and Sidewalk.


We strictly follow this in Baguio City.


Noticed this Sign at the Burnham Lake, it wasn’t there before.


The Cloudy shot was because of the cold weather. But with the OPPO F1s the shot still looked awesome I think


If I were Early I think I could have taken a serene shot of the Burnham Lake. Note to self Go to the Lake around 5am.


I love the ability of the OPPO F1s to capture images in manual mode. I can do a macro focus!


The Swans of the Lake


Captured with the OPPO F1s, Edited with Lightroom


That’s one way to paint the Ceiling. When you see it.


Taking on the Hurdles

Morning Jog with a DSLR in tow will make it difficult for you. Good thing the power of DSLR (almost) is now packaged with a camera phone. In this case, the OPPO F1s camera phone makes it a good travel companion because of its ability to take awesome photos.

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