Capturing the Panagbenga Grand Fireworks Display With the OPPO F1s

All good things must end, and in the case of the Panagbenga 2017 it ended with a bang! The Month-long celebration of the “season of blooming” culminated with a Grand Fireworks display. Although this is an annual event in Baguio City I am still mesmerized by the colorful fireworks. Unfortunately, most of the nice vantage points to take a photo of the fireworks were crowded, so I had to find a place that is not too crowded.

Unfortunately, the ground where I was standing on was uneven, good thing the ability of the OPPO F1s to capture images at high speed even in low light conditions saved the day! The ground was uneven so using the tripod is out, so I had to become the tripod. Low light condition, shaky hands, if you have been around using cameras you know what the output is, a blurry photo. Surprisingly, because of the capability of the OPPO F1s to capture images in low-light conditions I think I captured pretty decent shots of the fireworks.

Here are some of my shots, minimum resizing and orientation editing were done using Lightroom.


This is what I meant by uneven


Still was able to get these shots with the OPPO F1s


Colors were captured but the ground…uneven


Like flowers blooming


Colorful and Exciting to Watch


Smoke and Fireworks


15 minutes fireworks display


Just like falling stars


Smoke screen


Smoky yet spectacular



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