Encourage Others To Share Their Favorite Stories By Reading Out Loud

Learning how to read is a huge milestone for a child. I still remember those days when my parents would ask me to stand in front of them and read the pages from my school textbook. By constantly doing this every day after class, I develop the love for reading.

Appreciation for reading stories out loud came when my daughter was about four years old. When she started to discover the wonders of books it is also the time that I discovered that reading stories from books out loud brought me closer to my daughter. I was at that time that I realized I am actively imparting knowledge in a fun way.

Reading Out Loud Benefits

Reading out loud provides several benefits among them are:

  1. Creating a sense of closeness  – by reading out loud you are going to increase the closeness between you and your child. Reading out loud deepens the relationship between you and your child.
  2. Increase brain function – according to William Graves Ph.D., when you read aloud you are using more parts of your brain as compared with reading silently. When you read aloud the images described in the book becomes more vivid.
  3. Increase confidence – reading out loud can also increase confidence. This is because reading out loud can be compared to performing in front of an audience. Whether that audience is just you or a group of people that are listening to the story. By constantly reading out loud you or your child will surely increase his/her confidence.
  4. Facilitates learning – when your child reads aloud you are able to take note of the errors in pronunciation among other errors. By correcting your child, you are helping him learn better. This way, reading aloud is an agent in facilitating learning.
  5. Facilitates critical thinking – as mentioned, reading out loud increases brain function. The multiple tasks that the brain is subjected to also helps in improving its ability for critical thinking. As you read out loud you start to think of the different aspects of the story and start to think deeply about the story.

Join the National Bookstore Read Out Loud Challenge

National Bookstore as an advocate for education, with a goal to create a growing nation of readers, have launched the Read Out Loud Challenge on Facebook and Instagram. The goal of this challenge is to promote the love of reading among Filipinos while supporting a good cause.

Mechanics of the National Bookstore Read Out Loud Challenge

The mechanics are as follows:

a. Post a video of yourself reading out loud an excerpt from your favorite book.

b. Upload your video via Facebook or Instagram

c. Challenge 3 other people to do it

d. Use the Hashtag #ReadOutLoudChallenge

e. Tag National Bookstore @nbsalert

The Good Cause

For every 75 posted videos. National Bookstore Foundation will set up a library in a public school. This library will be equipped with Project Aklat racks. These racks will contain DEP-ED approved books. The project aklat initiative started in 2006 with 400 libraries already set up.

Project Aral

Simultaneous with this project, the National Bookstore Foundation have also launched the 8th installment of the Project Aral. Project aral’s goal is to help 150 communities that lack school necessities. You can help by purchasing either one of the prepared project

You can help by purchasing either one of the prepared project aral kits. One kit costs P25 and it comes with 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, an eraser and a sharpener. The other kit will cost P50 and it contains 2 pencils, 2 notebooks, an eraser, a sharpener and a pair of slippers.

Read Out Loud or Help Now!

Join hundreds of Filipino’s who took the Read Out Loud challenge and help inspire the next generation of readers while you also help in bringing books to underprivileged schools. If that is not your cup of tea, you can still help by joining Project Aral and give that valuable school supplies to a child in need. Either way, you are still able to help!

Start helping now and know more by visiting the NBS Blog (blog.nationalbookstore.com) and follow them on social media (@nbsalert) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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