Globe Prepaid Home Wifi Saved My Online Life

As a freelancer whose primary source of income is coming from online advertising and online jobs, being connected is a necessity rather than a luxury. At this point in my life, this is what I am. A freelancer, a digital nomad, an online worker. Recently, we transferred residence to a condo unit somewhere in Baguio City, unfortunately, internet connection via cable or DSL wasn’t available at that time. Although we were promised that it won’t be long before internet connection via DSL or Cable will be available in the building, the problem is that the building administrators didn’t give us a timeline or at least an expected date on when such internet connection will be available.

So note to self and note to you who will be buying condo units during pre-selling, make sure that the property you want to invest on will have the amenities that are important to you. I found out that no matter how nice the location is if there is no internet connection, it would be really a burden rather than an investment.

The Solution

I, of course, would not just sit here and do nothing about this problem, so the best options for me is to either go to an internet shop or to buy a pocket wifi. I did the latter, however, I discovered that the pocket wifi, even if it is an LTE, will not yield the internet speed which I need in order to accomplish my online tasks. During this time the quality of my output dwindled and I run the risk of losing several clients in my online work. I desperately looked for better alternatives and I came across the Globe prepaid home wifi. So from what I understood it is a Home wifi system that is prepaid which means you do not have to apply, no lines or any connections needed. All you need is the Home Prepaid wifi kit.

Installing the Globe Prepaid Wifi

Installation is a breeze, the accompanying manual, though concise, it is very easy to understand. The kit came with a prepaid Sim card, rj45 cables, power cables and of course the prepaid home wifi unit itself. You just need to insert the prepaid Sim card to the Sim card slot. Connect the power line and presto! You should be up and running. Since this is a prepaid scheme, you have to load your Sim card and to get the best deal use Globe’s prepaid promos like GoSurf50 or their range of Supersurf promo. If you are going to use the latter, take note of the 800MB data cap, which will refresh to zero on the next day provided you are still subscribed to the promo.

The Speed! The Speed of Globe Prepaid Wifi

The speed of the Globe prepaid wifi? Well, let’s just say that what the pocket wifi can’t provide the Globe Prepaid Home Wifi can fulfill. For one, stable internet. I work the whole day online, well at least around 12-14 hours a day. As long as I do not upload or download data heavy files like videos and very high-resolution photos, the 800MB will hold for the day. But that’s not all! Aside from the stability of the internet connection, the speed is also fast, way above what the pocket wifi can achieve in our location. The highest speed I got was about 25Mbps!(Which was tested at around 2 am).

But during the day where Data usage is at its peak, the Globe Prepaid Home Wifi still clocked in at 7.6 Mbps more or less when tested, an internet connection speed that is more than enough to do several of my online duties. The only thing annoying maybe would be is when I forget to turn off apps that require the internet and are running in the background, that really gobbles up my 800MB limit, good thing there is Speed Refresh.

Would I Recommend Globe Prepaid Home Wifi?

Overall, yes I would really recommend the Globe Prepaid Home Wifi. Especially to those who do not have access to DSL lines or Cable lines. If you are not a heavy user this might be the fastest (in terms of internet speed) but this option might deplete your data usage limit. The Globe Prepaid Home Wifi is best for those who do not regularly log in to the internet and to those freelancers or online workers who do not really need to use up a lot of bandwidth.

6 thoughts on “Globe Prepaid Home Wifi Saved My Online Life

  1. I’m planning to acquire this one. Would it be helpful for my online tutoring job? I do really need a stable connection to conduct my class however since it’s a wireless connection, I’m quite anxious about it’s speed reliability.

    1. The nature of my work is mostly on writing and SEO, there is not much video conferencing or if there is any at all, unfortunately I cannot assure the stability with video conferencing which is required in online tutoring jobs.

      1. Do you think this is applicable if you have to download PDF files? Some PDF files are large. I am choosing between Globe prepaid wifi & Pldt prepaid wifi, which do you think is better in Baguio City?

  2. Hello. I’m kind of interested in buying after I read this blog. Do you still think the same way towards the product until now? And what do you think is the prepaid promo that I should avail if I work for 8 – 10 hours a day, with constant video calls?

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