Power Bank Now A Necessity Especially During The Rainy Season

The rainy season is equally welcoming as that of the summer season in Baguio City. This is because the weather brings about cooler temperature which many tourists and residents love. However, what is not fun during the rainy season is the onset of typhoons and monsoon rains. It does not only dampen your spirit in exploring the beauty of Baguio it also poses several dangers like landslides and fallen trees. What happens during typhoons, of course, is that there is a great risk of power being out. It may be due to fallen trees that hit power lines or because power transformers exploding. Whatever the reason is, when the power goes out, it is really a burden especially for someone working online.

I still remember being unable to communicate to the “outside” world whenever the power is out during a typhoon. Access to any electronic gadget is also scarce especially if your gadgets are all out of “juice” so to speak. Fortunately, unlike a decade ago, we can be more prepared with the help of technology. Among the benefit of technology is to give us the ability to power our gadgets on the go, portable charging became very popular several years ago until now because of the fact that there is really a demand for this.

What am I talking about? Power banks of course! I still remember going to SM Baguio after a typhoon and power banks are being sold like hotcakes! At that time owning a power bank is a means of “digital” survival, however as the demand grows the need for efficient power banks also followed.

The demand for efficient power bank grew because of the fact that many “fake” power banks are already out in the market and such power banks provide for more danger than benefits.

Quality Power bank from Promate

I recently got a hold of Promate’s 15000mAh Aluminum Crafted Ultra-fast power bank and I can say that from the physical structure of it, such is a quality power bank. This power bank is more than a pack of rechargeable batteries inside an aluminum casing. It was designed to make sure that charging your gadgets are done efficiently and wouldn’t cause any degradation in the battery life of your gadget.

The Main Features of the Promate 15000 Ultra Fast Power bank

  • Aluminum Casing – power banks are brought around just anywhere and it has to be protected with a sturdy casing. The aluminum casing of this Promate 15000 mAh power bank does not only give a nice look but also a good protection from the elements.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation – this feature is what makes charging your devices safe and that it doesn’t degrade the battery life of your gadget by charging your device in the right amperage.
  • Ultra-Fast charging – charging time can be very troublesome, especially if you are not used to holding the power bank and your gadget for a long time. No need to wait long, before your gadget is charged.
  • Lightweight – when I first held the Promate 15000 mAh power bank I thought it was heavy but not until I held a similar power bank while shopping for gadgets and compared to other power banks in its class, the Promate is really lightweight.
  • Over-charging protection – the Promate 15000 Ultra Fast Power Bank’s main feature maybe is its ability to protect your gadget from over charging. This adds to the capability of this power bank to make sure that your gadget’s battery life is not degraded.
  • Can fully charge more than 1 gadget – with the 15000 mAh capacity this Promate power bank can charge more than 1 device.

Will I Recommend the Promate 15000 mAh Power Bank?

If the weight is not an issue to you or if you need to charge more than one gadget is of paramount consideration then yes the Promate 15000 mAh power bank is definitely the power bank for you. If you have issues with the size, then you can have other Promate power banks with lower capacity and much more compact. Do not waste your time with power banks that will not last, cheap power banks might not only last it might also destroy your precious gadgets, and yes, you definitely need to buy a power bank not only as a preparation for the effects of a typhoon but also for your everyday use.


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