Keep An Eye With Qihoo 360 Camera

Okay so the title might be a little confusing, it is not about saving your eye or something but rather it is about how you can keep an eye on your property or on your family while you are away. That is what the Qihoo 360 is all about.

Keeping an eye on your property while you are away is possible through installing CCTV system. However, it might be too big of an investment especially if you are just trying to keep an eye on a small property or just one section of your home. For us living in Baguio City CCTV cameras are common in public places but not really inside the home except maybe for an affluent family. However, security of your home should not be compromised just because of the price.

Enter The Qihoo 360

There is an alternative to an expensive CCTV camera system and this is the Qihoo 360 IP camera. The Qihoo 360 Camera is classified as an IP Camera and it doesn’t need any of that expensive storage and monitor systems that a CCTV would require. All you need is the Qihoo 360, an internet connection, your smartphone and the accompanying app and you are ready to go!

The Qihoo 360 Camera can attach to any surface giving you the flexibility of choosing the best location to install your Qihoo 360 camera inside your home to give you maximum visuals. The Qihoo 360 features a wide angle lens that allows for a 180-degree view of the surroundings.

One feature that I love about the Qihoo 360 Camera is the fact that it is also incorporated with a microphone and a speaker. This way you can hear what is happening in your surroundings and you can even talk through your smartphone app should you want to talk to your family at home.

The Qihoo 360 app connects through Wifi and powered by plugging it into your home outlets. This means that you will have to have a fast internet connection to be able to experience the full capability of the Qihoo 360 Camera.

Qihoo 360 Camera CCTV in Baguio

The Qihoo 360 Camera can be a CCTV Camera for your home in Baguio, this is because of the fact that you can also record specific clips on your mobile phone, or if you want constant recording you will have to insert a micro SD onto the camera’s storage slot. Which I believe is still a cheaper alternative to having a full CCTV system installed in your home.

Where to Buy the Qihoo 360 CCTV Camera

The Qihoo 360 CCTV Camera is Available online via Lazada, Shopee

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