Gcash on Facebook Messenger To The Rescue


I always say this, the internet has become a necessity in our modern life. This is true for me who gets his bread and butter by working online. This is why it is such a huge problem if you are deprived of internet connection and other options are not readily available.

This happened to me just recently and I initially felt so helpless especially with deadlines looming. It was around past 9 PM and I was “on a roll” working on my online projects when suddenly my home internet connection suddenly went dead. Sometimes I feel like the internet has a life of its own and it can sense your need to be online, and that the internet is one sick prankster who would just disconnect everything leaving you with an unfinished project. Anyway, it took me a good 30 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong but unfortunately no amount of troubleshooting could reconnect me online.

The only option now is to load up my prepaid pocket wifi. When you are living in Baguio City all your life, one should already know that at around 9 PM local community stores are already closed. But hoping against hope I still tried to go to the nearest store to my dismay it was already closed.

So what to do? There are lots of things needed to be done, no internet connection and I am running only on free data. Exploring Facebook Messenger, in an attempt to ask a friend to send me some load, I chanced upon the payment gateway of Facebook Messenger. That is when I remembered that I do have some money in my Gcash account which I can use to buy load. But since I cannot access the app while on free data, I tried to explore the payment gateway of facebook messenger. That is when I realized that I can buy load for my phone then access the Gcash app and buy load for my pocket wifi! Problem solved! The initial process of loading my mobile phone using my Gcash through FB Messenger took a while since I still have to set it up, but once that is done buying a load is really fast and easy! Here are the steps on how I did it!

How To Buy Load On Gcash Via Facebook Messenger

What I like about buying load on Gcash via Facebook Messenger is that it is very easy! Here’s the step by step process on how to buy your load using Gcash via Facebook Messenger.

Step 1: Access Your Facebook Messenger

Step 2: Tap on a Friend to open your chat (I used this process to access the Payment button)

Instead of tapping on a friend to open a chat you can also tap the “lightning icon” on the                  lower right side of the messenger screen.

Step 3: Tap on the + button

Step 4: Tap on the Pay or Request Button

Step 5: Choose Gcash (this will happen in the first setup)

Step 6: You will be directed to the Gcash On Messenger Chat


Step 7: A chatbot will provide you with several options (initially you will have to setup your account)

Step 8: When you set up your account you have to link your existing Gcash Account

Step 9: Enter Your SMS Verification

Step 10: Enter Your 4-digit Gcash PIN

Step 11: You will be directed to Gcash Messenger chat and you will have several options

Step 12: Choose Buy Load

Step 13: You will be given options in the denomination of Load

Step 14: You will be asked to confirm

Step 15: Viola! The load is now on my Phone!

Gcash on Messenger really is a very handy tool especially if you are a Gcash user like me. It made it a lot more convenient to purchase load and even to transfer money, paying bills is also made easy with this new feature between Gcash and Facebook Messenger.

Note: some images on the steps were not shown for security purposes.


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