My Coron Stay At Coron Soleil Garden Resort

My 4 days 3 nights stay in Coron is coming to a close and what better way to write this blog is by the Pool Bar of Coron Soleil Garden Resort. They say that the best-executed travel plans are those that weren’t planned at all. How many times have you planned a travel escapade with your friends that remained as planned? My Coron trip was not planned, it was a business trip that was agreed upon in just a matter of minutes. Long story short, I am now in Coron enjoying a glass of Asahi Beer as I reminisce the first days I am here.

Arriving In Coron

I was lucky enough to have booked an airline ticket from Skyjet on one of their promo fares. Upon looking at my e-ticket I was surprised that the flight from Manila to Busuanga will only take roughly about 40 minutes. If there is one tip I could share with you is that you should have your camera ready before landing to Coron because the view of the island’s mountains is just spectacular.

Since I am booked at Coron Soleil Garden Resort a van picked me up and brought me to the hotel. From the airport to Coron town is roughly about 45 minutes, almost the same amount of time when you are going directly from the airport to Coron Soleil Garden Resort. Because of these hotel transfers made available by the hotel to its guests, hotel transfer is one thing you need not worry about.

At Coron Soleil Garden Resort

Unlike other hotels in Coron, the Coron Soleil Garden resort is about 5 minutes away from the Coron Town. The first sprawling property tucked at the heart of Coron, it is not your regular hotel. With the addition of a large swimming pool at the center of the property, the hotel gives off a resort feel. The room where I am staying at is located beside the pool. Check-in was a breeze by the way, and since it is the Christmas season in the Philippines (yes we start early) the hotel lobby’s decoration reminds us that the Yuletide season is near.

Christmas is in the air at Coron Soleil

Hotel In Coron, My Room, 201

The Villa at Coron Soleil

I got the Poolside premiere room or should I say villa. Because that’s what it is. The inside is huge and although it says it is good for 2 adults and 2 kids, you can actually comfortably fit around 20 people in here (room party anyone?). You get the basic amenities, with Flat screen T.V., air-condition, a huge restroom and bath, mini-bar, a safe and all other things that you see in a 4-star accommodation. What I love most is the welcome note that was handwritten by the hotel’s General Manager and that constant refill of treats whenever I get to my room after spending the day out.

Love these treats!

I have been in many hotels and I can say that what these hotels would differ in is the ambiance that they create for the guests. Nevermind the electronic door lock or the high tech mirrors, what separates a hotel from the rest is the great hospitality that they provide to their guests. The warm greetings of the staff and all the other simple treats they provide compounds to me confidently saying that Coron Soleil Garden Resort is indeed worthy of its 4-star status.

Huge Rooms! Comfort at its best! When I first rested on this bed I immediately went to sleep

Travel and Food in Coron

When traveling food is always part of the experience. In Coron, your island experience is not complete without tasting the local delicacies, to my disappointment which I realized just now (while writing this blog) that I never tried anything that Coron can call as it’s signature dish. That being said it doesn’t mean that you will not experience eating good food in Coron because so far everything I tasted is really good.

Sol 721 A Restaurant in Coron

Sol 721 is the flagship restaurant for Coron Soleil, on my first day I tried their fish in mango sauce, and sauteed vegetables. I cannot stop eating the fish, that sweet mango sauce really compliments the savory taste of the fish. As for the sauteed vegetables, it’s okay but not really raving about it, not because of its flavor (the flavor is fine), maybe I am just used to eating such food that my standards for such dish really high.

Dreaming about the Cheesecake

This cheesecake deserves an applause

I was told that I should try Sol 721’s cheesecake. Prior to going to Coron, I ate a good amount of cheesecakes because of invites and friends sharing their cheesecake creations, my point is, I have eaten enough cheesecake in my life that I know what a cheesecake should taste like. I thought cheesecakes have reached a plateau on how they are made that their flavor almost tastes the same. Apparently, I was wrong. Sol 721 disrupted the cheesecake industry (I might be exaggerating).

First on the plating, normally an order of cheesecake means you get a slice of cheesecake. At Sol 721, one order means a plate with two slices of this delicious dessert. The size is not as thick as what you normally would get (no extenders I guess). I never knew the time would come for me to say that a cheesecake felt light and delicious, normally, I would say it is rich, heavy and delicious.

You know what they say about when you think too much about something that you dream about it? Well after having that cheesecake, my subconscious mind must’ve been thinking about it and it manifested in my dream, imagine my first dream in Coron and it is about cheesecakes.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Seat Sale at Skyjet Brought me to Coron

I got a 5-star treatment from when I boarded the airplane to Coron (thanks to SkyJet for that) up to when I traveled to the Coron Soleil Garden resort and this excellent hospitality extended throughout my whole stay. I highly recommend staying at Coron Soleil Garden Resort if you want a hassle-free stay. If you are on a budget, do not worry, Coron Soleil also has a budget resort within the property, Coron Soleil Express.

Visit their website for more info on this awesome hotel in Coron

Email them at or give them a call at +632-8066377 / +63915-212-6340 / +63939-9269288

Like Coron Soleil on Facebook (I know I did and one of the best “likes” I ever made)

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