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As a former teacher and as an advocate of lifelong learning, I sometimes get frustrated on the lack of availability of courses that would allow me to learn. Of course, I have been a frequent enrollee of different online courses both paid and free. Although most of them offer great courses, I have reached a point where my thirst of knowledge has expanded and I am in search for courses that don’t have to be online but are relevant to what I am looking for.

Seeking Real Estate Knowledge

Two years back I was able to acquire my real estate broker’s license from the PRC and to keep the license I needed to complete the required number of CPD units. As a resident of Baguio, training, and seminars for CPD are not done regularly. The scarcity of training prompted me to look for other training offerings outside of the City of Baguio.

Finding Speedy Course

Several attempts on Google search landed me on the SpeedyCourse website. Although it is my first time to land on this website, the ease of use allowed me to navigate easily to the pages or topics that I am searching for. Surprisingly the website caters also to the Philippine market and they have a list of Real Estate specific courses! Something that is not present on other online course websites, or if such courses are present, none would pertain to the Philippine market.

A Quick View of SpeedyCourse

A quick review of the website revealed that it does not only list courses that can be taken online, it also provides for courses that are person-led and should be attended in person. SpeedyCourse is sort of like a hybrid between a directory of online course providers and a directory of professional person-led courses or seminars. Although it is noticeable that not all person-led seminars are listed on the website we could only assume that the website is still new and currently in the data gathering phase. However, it is no doubt on its way to becoming everyone’s source of information with regards to the latest seminars or courses that are offered either online or offline.

With SpeedyCourse this is possible



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