5 Things To Learn To Become A Better Travel Blogger in 2018

Doing travel and lifestyle blogging since 2008 does not mean that I know everything. In fact, last year I realized how little I know about the travel industry. I am not big on new year’s resolution because I am not able to fulfill them anyway. Instead of promising to do or not to do something, I would rather set a goal which I would want to achieve and the things for me to do to reach such goal are things I actually want to do. There is no point of doing something you do not want to do.

So for 2018, I would like to learn, improve on travel and lifestyle blogging and I believe that gaining an in-depth understanding of the travel industry is the way to go. This year lakbaybaguio will not confine itself just within the boundaries of Baguio City but will truly move beyond those borders.

To help me achieve these goals these are the five main things to learn to help me improve my travel blogging skills.

  1. Writing, Proofreading, and Editing – the disadvantage of running your own blog is that you do not have an editor, so you either do the proofreading and editing or you don’t. Although I have been writing articles for years, there are still things that I need to improve on especially on the different writing styles to better convey the story to you (my dear reader).
  2. Media and Design – To give life to my blog and to convey the story better, images and videos should also be part of the blog. I would admit that my photography and videography skills are not even of the average level, although others may appreciate them I feel that I still need to learn more and to integrate it with knowledge in design will really improve the way I present the story through photos and videos.
  3. Information Technology – Blogging also require technical knowledge in information technology. We all know that you have to build and maintain your own blog site, whether it is a self-hosted blog or using a blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger, you will need to have that technical know-how. This is why it is important to always keep myself updated with the latest features of these blogging platforms. 
  4. Food and Beverage Appreciation – food is always connected with travel, and as I’ve said to be successful in travel blogging it is important to have that deep understanding of all elements that goes into traveling, this of course includes food. Every food or delicacy found in every place carries with it the traditions and cultures of that locality and with better understanding on how food is made will you only be able to appreciate it. By doing this, I would have a better way of presenting or telling the story about such food.
  5. Hospitality and Tourism – a deeper understanding of the tourism industry, I believe would make one respect the effort that every tour guide and hotel staff put in their work. Recent travels made me appreciate the work that tour guides do and by taking some courses on these will definitely make me appreciate the work that everyone does in the tourism industry. With this, I hope to make everyone appreciate the tourism industry through my stories. 

It takes a lot of learning for one to become a blogger, merely writing is not enough because as a blogger, you are a storyteller, an influencer and sometimes the customer service of a particular location or product (believe me time will come when people will be asking you for directions). The only way for you to fulfill all these roles is when you have widened your understanding through learning. To easily locate the courses that you need to learn and to get the latest schedules of seminars relevant to your learning goals check out SpeedyCourse the online resource for all courses offered whether online or offline.

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