The Bright Lights of Manila

Photo by TheDigitalWay, CC0

If you’re interested in experiencing the bright lights of the big city during your time in the Philippines, then the most dazzling illuminations can be found in the capital of Manila. While smaller entertainment outlets, such as bingo halls or local festivals, can be found in Baguio, for a full-size event, you need to venture out to the bigger cities. Manila is fast becoming known on the international scene as a great destination for all sorts of fun and games, so it’s worth taking the trip across the island of Luzon to sample everything that the Philippines’ cultural center has to offer, from concert venues to casinos to jazz clubs to theaters.

Manila is a flourishing tourist city with a wealth of entertainment on offer for any visitor, and it’s just one bus ride away from Baguio. Victory Liner and Genesis Bus companies both offer air-conditioned, luxury coach travel to the capital, taking anywhere from five to seven hours per trip. Victory Liner buses leave the terminals every hour, so it couldn’t be simpler to hop on, sit back and relax as you journey toward the bright lights of Manila.

Upon arrival, you can take your pick from an array of different casinos, including the Solaire Resort, Resorts World Manila and City of Dreams. Each of these destinations provides an exceptional environment with everything from slot machines to roulette wheels to poker tables. For example, the Solaire Resort & Casino boasts a massive 18,800 m² of game facilities while Resorts World Manila has gaming areas spread out over three floors of its casino. The remarkable five-star resort City of Dreams has a massive 289 game tables, 1,620 slot machines and 176 iGaming tables so, in this city, you are spoiled for choice!

Speaking of such things, the end of April also sees the PokerStars LIVE Manila Megastack return to the city. This will be the ninth tournament held here, with number eight kicking off the Asian Player of the Year (APOY) season back in November 2017. In December, an emotional Akinari Yokomizo took home the biggest Manila Megastack payout to date, claiming ?3,210,000 (about $62,940 in USD) as his prize. The triumphant Japanese player defeated the Philippines’ Alexis Lim in the Main Event, who is ranked at number two in the APOY standings. It remains to be seen whether this year, Lim will manage to claim the Main Event title and collect the impressive payout he surrendered to his rival last year.

As you can see, the city of Manila has made its presence known on the world stage, attracting world series tournaments and celebrity names. The place is becoming a byword for luxury and extravagance, so if the Megastacks isn’t your style, then there are plenty more indulgent activities to enjoy. While the City of Dreams boasts three fantastic hotels to choose from where you can relax in paradisiacal surroundings and unwind at the on-site spas, the Solaire Resort hosts a wonderful Azure pool where you can bask on the sun loungers before cooling off with a plunge into the water. Whatever you choose to do in Manila, it’s guaranteed that you’ll leave feeling like a million dollars.

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