ZenFone 5 is Here in the Philippines

ZenFone 5 is Here in the Philippines

Last Saturday, April 14, ASUS launched their newest flagship phone in the Philippines – the ZenFone 5! We were lucky to be part of the launch and we finally we got our hands on ASUS’ latest flagship phone. This is my first phone launching event and I enjoyed it dearly even though I haven’t been updated with new phone features in the past two years.


AI Camera

ZenFone 5 features their AI CAMERAS – cameras that think for you. It detects the subject of your photo. From food, animals, people, plants and flowers to ocean sunset and texts, AI has the power to analyze your subject to match it with 16 AI Scenes. It’s truly astonishing how ASUS is taking mobile photography to the next level. More importantly the phone allows you to take RAW photos, which allows you to manually process and adjust color grading – how cool is that?











We tested the front and back camera ourselves. The rear camera automatically detected the subject I’m taking photo of – it detected Food! And base on that scene my food photo look more appetizing than usual, it adjusted the colors and the focus.


Of course we took wefies (group selfie)! I’m amazed how gorgeous our complexion looked like with ZenFone 5’s Real Time Beautification. We legitimately looked so fresh – in a natural way. It’s a real plus because it saves time in manually retouching selfies to remove blemishes and adjust dull skin tones.


AI Charging

The flagship phone provides AI-powered intelligent charging which helps to extend your battery’s lifespan by learning about your charging habits. The battery also packs 3300 mah high-capacity battery and BoostMaster enables you to charge your phone really quick.


AI Display

I am in awe with ZenFOne 5’s 6.2 inches large display! The screen supports cinema-grade color space making photos, videos and games look better than they’ve looked before. This is the best screen of a smartphone I have ever seen it just looks incredibly sharp and color balanced.



ZeniMoji is a super fun feature! It let’s users animate themselves using different characters like this black owl – the official ZenFone mascot! You can choose to use the cat, fox or bear. Zenimoji, they’re all too cute! Zenimoji makes video chat and messaging funnier and more interesting by detecting your facial expressions, voice and movements.


AI Call Experience

The ZenFone 5 automatically adjusts ring volume depending on where you are. For example, in a silent environment, it lowers it’s ringtone’s volume enough for you to notice and when you’re in a noisy environment, it adjusts to a louder ringtone to get your attention. It’s convenient when you’re sleeping because it doesn’t disturb you just as much.


The Verdict

I currently own a Sony Xperia C5. It’s already two years old and once I gave up on my phone (or the phone gave up on me), ZenFone 5 is definitely on top of my list especially that I’m aspiring to be a mobile photographer.

ZenFone 5 offers numerous new features for the mobile phone world – even better than the fruit phone. From its elegant and flawless design to its amazing camera AI capabilities, PHP 19,995 surely is worth the bucks. ZenFone 5Q is equally stunning on it’s own – boasting ultra wide angles on its camera, giving us freedom to tailor our shots. Priced at  PHP 16,995, this midrange phone is super affordable.

Learn more about ZenFone 5 here: https://www.asus.com/Phone/ZenFone-5-ZE620KL/Tech-Specs/

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  1. I really love the AI Camera feature of Zenfone5, wherein it has a real-time beautification, perfect for selfies and groufies.. just click and post!! No more hassle in editing,, and the photos, it looks like it was taken by a professional camera.

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