Recharging with Promate 10,500 mAh CARD-10

Recharging with Promate 10,500 mAh CARD-10

Battery life can be a daily struggle for us mobile users but don’t fret, because power banks are here to save the day and it’s so much easier by recharging with Promate 10,500 mAh CARD-10. Like every power bank, Promate is my hero – it’s convenient, it helps extend my device’s battery life, it help me charge anytime, anywhere and especially when I am travelling. But what really makes Promate 10,500 mAh CARD-10 stand out?

World’s Smallest Fast-Charging Powerbank

Promate 10,500 mAh CARD-10 sports a sleek matte white finish all over it’s body. On the side it’s designed with beveled edges which feels quite nice to the touch. With a very powerful 10,500 mAh storage, it’s lightweight compared to other powerbanks with the same capacity. It’s much smaller, compact and lighter. On the upper front it has a power button and 3 led lights to signal remaing power. The design looks flawless and incredibly smart.

Ultra-Fast Charging

The powerbank is compatible with Android tablets and smartphones. It offers dual USB Port, and of course, simultaneous charging of devices -both ports charges 5v/2A and it’s ultra-fast charging. It also features over-charging protection which saves both of your powerbank and mobile phone’s batteries from over charging -it’s convenient for people who sleeps and leave their devices or powerbank to charge overnight. Aside form over-charging it offer over-heating protection too which is really cool.

My First-Hand Experience

Promate 10,500 mAh CARD-10 was impressive. I did not expect that it will live up to it’s ulta-fast charging feature – it really did charge my phone ultra fast, like almost three times faster than my usual charger or my old powerbank. My old charger would take about 3 hours for my phone to fully charge but with Promate it just did within only less than hour. How cool is that? To my surprise, it charges fast too even when I’m using my phone heavily – with mobile data turned on while watching Youtube.

The powerbank can also refill my phone for 2 and a half times and also it charges itself pretty fast, twice faster than my old powerbank.  The size is very compact, it’s a little bigger than a credit card- it literally fits in my pocket.

The Verdict

I totally am in love with Promate 10,500 mAh CARD-10. I can’t leave the house without taking it and I’m always relieved I’ll never run out of battery when I’m outside. It’s everything that I need and wwant for a powerbank.It’s the perfect powerbank for me.

You can purchase the Promate CARD-10 at these following stores

Store Name
National Book Store
PCiNet Computer
Digital Interface
Perfect Shot
The Loop by PMC
Denver’s Computer Shoppe
Concept Computer
Vivocom Technologies



You can also order online via Lazada at

Promate is a digital lifestyle electronic accessory brand focused on delivering the most specialized and original electronic peripheral solutions for Smartphones, Tablets & laptops. Incorporated in the year 2008 and headquartered in Dubai, Promate Technologies has grown to become one of the largest & most awarded provider of accessories for portable devices and digital media. Globally, Promate has a huge market presence in Europe (United Kingdom, Russia, Romania, Germany, Turkey), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar), South America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru), Asia (India, Vietnam, Philippines), Australia & South Africa just to name a few.

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