Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix


Main Characters: From left to right (Joel, Sheila, Abby, Eric)

One of the most promoted and popular show today is Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. The show centers around the Hammonds Family, Joel (Timothy Olyphant), wife Sheila (Drew Barrymore), and daughter Abby (Liv Hewson), an average middle-class suburban family.Joel and Sheila are realtor partners in the same firm, things were running smoothly and ordinarily until Sheila uncontrollably vomits all over a house they’re trying to sell to a client. She begins to manifest changes in her personality and behaviors after the incident.

Their daughter Abby who is friends with their neighbor Eric (Skyler Gisondo) finds out that she may in fact has turned into a flesh-eating person (a zombie). Everyday they face challenges to find a cure and to keep Sheila’s uncontrollable appetite for human meat a secret.

How I stumbled upon the series


The first time I saw an ad for the series is on Youtube. There was this 30 second clip about cooking adobo and it’s Tagalog and at the end it was revealed it is human meat. It really caught my attention and it had me curious enough to know more about the series but I didn’t watch it still.  And the last time I was in Manila I remembered seeing a billboard of the show parodying another billboard on its side, Marie France. I was so amazed I could not believe they would go the extra mile to make an ad that was really witty and a unique. Right then and there I decided to give the show a go and when I got home oh boy I finished the whole season in one sitting.

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Weird but Binge-able

I currently has a list of different series I watch, from Rick & Morty, to Netflix’s originals like Hater’s Back Off, but Santa Clarita Diet has got to be one of my favorite. The show is unlike any serious zombie movie or series but it spins around wonderful and weird humor. If you have a strong stomach for gruesome people eating people meat scene this show is for you.

Actually, the cannibal scenes aren’t that horrifying, it’s presented in a dark twisted humorous way and it does work for me. The show doesn’t focus on making you cringe or nauseate you but it wants you to focus on the unique story line and silly humor. Some of the jokes are really lame but the kind of lame that would make you think and laugh, it is certainly odd most of the time but that’s what drew me in.

My favorite scenes of the show are the misadventures of partners Sheila and Joel. They go through difficulties in maintaining a normal life for their daughter Abby. They struggled differently in coping with the new life they have but no matter what happens, at the end of the day, they find way to go back and be a loving husband and wife for each other. It’s not the most romantic series ever but this are the kinds of love stories that shows what true love is all about – sticking with together no matter how complicated and difficult life would turn out to be.

The Verdict

Over all, it’s a charming series, with lightweight humor (at least for me), and filled with lovely well-developed characters. I totally recommended it to my friends and workmates.

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