The Best of Baguio Experience Tour Day 1

The Best of Baguio Experience Tour Day 1 features the most exciting and genuine destinations for tourist to discover and also for locals to rediscover. Philippine Blogger’s Network Baguio (PBNet Baguio) picked these top places that needed much of our exploring.

Though some of us bloggers are already living here in the city, Azalea Residences graciously offered us 4 days and 3 nights of stay for the tour. We occupied two suites each with 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets and baths and kitchens. Our stay was very comfortable and relaxing. Each guests are welcome to feast on Tradisyon’s daily breakfast buffet.

The first destination is my favorite – Camp John Hay’s Eco-trail. After four years since my last visit, it still retained its tranquil ambiance. The pine trees were tall and inviting and in every corner were wonderful floras and fauna, a great opportunity for the Asus team to teach us many photography skills, especially macro shots using the brand new ZenFone 5.

Our next stop is just a few steps from the end of the trail – Locked In, the first and only escape room in Baguio. The team was divided into two. PBnet Manila team played the “Black Magic” a room with a theme close to Harry Potter. The players were given wands and potions to solve puzzles and defeat a black wizard. They finished the game and they were up in the Hall of Fame.

On the other hand, PBnet Baguio played “Death Match’. The theme of the room is similar to the Jigsaw movie. It was scary and there were actors portraying serial killers and there was a lot of screaming, shouting and frightening moments during the simulation. We didn’t solve the game end we ended up in Hall of Shame but least it was fun while it lasted.

After the long trek and the adrenaline from the game, we head out to eat lunch at Manduto, located around Suello Village. While waiting for our food, we eased off by gazing at the view of Pinewoods Golf & Country Club golf course.

The restaurant served many dishes like chicharong isda, pinakbet, laing and sinigang na salmon belly. My favorite is kare-kare, their main dish, it’s one of the best kare-kare I have tasted.  It wasn’t too peanut-buttery, it has the right amount of creaminess and saltiness. After our meal the management were kind to sample us their cakes, bibingka and freshly brewed coffee.

After the festive lunch we head out to Daddy Roi Enterprises. We were warmly welcomed by spouses Mr. Robert Roy Mina Mamaat and his wife, Mrs. Mylene Wong Mamaat. We got to taste their different products from salsa to soshalamang (shrimp paste). Their main product is suka watwat, which is already available for export and has won many awards for being an innovative brand. Their spices and dips tasted great we had samples and they were generous to give us a bottle of suka watwat to take home. My personal favorite was the salsa (for the love of tomatoes) so I bought one jar to take home.

It was a long day for us and all of us ended up very exhausted but we enjoyed the Day 1 very much. The next day was much more exciting.  Read more on The Best of Baguio Experience Tour Day 2.

The event was organized by combined efforts of Philippine Bloggers Network (PBNet) and its Team PBNet Baguio.

Of course my sincerest gratitude to the sponsors of the event. Kaizen Builders Inc., Azalea Residences Baguio, ZenFone 5, Mazda, Baguio City Guide, Casa Vallejo, and Zymph Business Solutions Inc.

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