Top Reasons Why The ZenfoneMaxPro Should Be Your Smartphone Travel Companion

Traveling around the globe or even within your locality would require things, something that would allow you to capture a beautiful landscape, mouth-watering food or your regular mandatory travel selfie which will end up in your social media media platforms’ photo album, it would also require something that will entertain you while you sit on those long bus or boat rides and of course something that will help guide you as you navigate through unfamiliar places. Finally, you will need something that will not “die” on you while you are in the height of your travel.

The good thing about this is that everything you need, from capturing moments to entertainment are all rolled into one thing. What is that thing? Your smartphone of course! With the speed of technological advancement every item you mostly need to make your travel a breeze is installed in a gadget somewhere, in this case in a Smartphone.

The ZenfoneMaxPro

Speaking of the Smartphone, you might have already shopped around for the perfect smartphone to accompany you in your travels, to no avail. Well, at lakbaybaguio we were able to test a Smartphone that contains all the essentials and some extra features that will definitely make you want to buy a ZenfoneMaxPro as your Smartphone for your next adventure. Here are some of the reasons why the ZenfoneMaxPro should be your next travel companion.

  1. It is the Battery King – probably one of the most notable feature of the ZenfoneMaxPro is its Battery Life at 5000 mAh, it will surely allow you to take more photos, read more ebooks or even play more games! Sure having a powerbank handy is good but with the ZenfoneMaxPro you would need to have wait for about 35 days if it is just on standby. We took the ZenfoneMaxPro for a spin on a road trip from Baguio to Manila and back, roughly a whole day of photo taking, spotify, games, answering emails and calls and well we got home with still about 20% Battery left and mind you we started the journey with only 89% of battery!

    Travelled Baguio to Manila with 89% battery and Manila to Baguio with 20% Battery Remaining

  2. Powerful Rear and Front Cameras – the rear camera is equipped with a dual camera, a 16MP and 5MP camera that allows for faster capture as well as for creating bokeh effect, one of the features that are rarely done using a single lens camera. As if that is not enough the front camera is a 16MP powerful camera that allows for clearer selfies. The Bokeh effect is really a cool feature, although it is already a feature for some dual camera phones, for an affordable smartphone at this level to capture clear crisp Bokeh photos can already be considered as value for your money. Not to mention that the ZenfoneMaxPro also captures 1080 quality videos.
  3. Maximum Entertainment with its Full View Display – the ZenfoneMaxPro has a large 6-inch Full-HD Display. Large screen on HD means a better screen to watch your favorite Netflix shows or play your favorite games! I am not a gamer however upon getting my hands on the ZenfoneMaxPro, I immediately tried to test one of the most popular mobile game PUBG (Player Unknowns BattleGrounds). Short story, we got hook playing it on ZenfoneMaxPro for the sole reason that it doesn’t lag and the resolution is really crisp and clear, so far my sniper shots has been accurate.

    Full HD 6-inch screen for the ZenfoneMaxPro

  4. Better Sound Quality – one of the surprising feature of the ZenfoneMaxPro for me is its audio capability. The sound is so clear that listening to Spotify is a lot more enjoyable than other smartphones. Better sound quality capability of the ZenfoneMaxPro may be brought about by the 5-magnet loudspeaker and the smartamp. The bus ride from Baguio to Manila in my recent trip wasn’t boring at all because of the beautiful music coming out of my ASUS earbuds. I wouldn’t wanna try to use the loudspeaker as it is because the audio is really loud and also really clear. 
  5. Easy to Carry Around – the ZenfoneMaxPro is designed to be sleek and not bulky, easy to carry but without sacrificing the quality. The metal casing gave us that peace of mind that minor bumps and scratches could be taken by the ZenfoneMaxPro, if that is not enough, the accompany gel casing will definitely protect your ZenfoneMaxPro.  

These are just few of the reasons why the ZenfoneMaxPro should be your travel companion, as you start using the smartphone dubbed as the #BatteryKing you will surely find more reasons why the ZenfoneMaxPro should be your smartphone of choice during your travel.

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