A Wanderer Coming Home

Going in and going out, jumping from destination after destination, traveling gives you an experience that you cannot quite explain. Embarking on an epic journey around this blue marble is the only reality that’s better than your dreams.

As for everything that goes on in your life, each has its own set of ups and downs. And for the most part of it, when you travel, you get to discover things that will stick with you even after you leave that place. Understand this though, when you travel, you leave the comfort of your home, and you tend to leave responsibilities behind.


And on our timeline where technology is taking over, it’s not only the leisure part of life that was made easier. Many appliances nowadays has been tailored for everyday use.

After you’ve done all your traveling, you leave yourself with a ton of laundry. Expedite the process by giving the Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine a spin and witness the care it gives out to your clothes. It also comes with a built-in sink, rubbing board, and water jet for the convenience of hand-washing delicate fabrics and pre-heating your heavily soiled items from your adventures.  To add more to that, this washing machine comes with Samsung’s Wobble Technology that spins clothes in a random manner to minimize damages related to tangling, leaving the damages to the stories you are yet to make and not to the laundry.


After seeing the world in a new light,  it’s not only the sights, the people, and experiences that truly stick with you; but also the food! It’s impossible for you not to be inspired by the food your palette just experienced. This is where the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator and Samsung Microwave Oven with Healthy Steam Function comes into play. After a trip into the unknown, a trip to the market won’t hurt you know. Store you ingredients and keep them market fresh with the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator that flexes its two evaporators to keep food and ingredients fresh just the way you like them. This refrigerator also comes with a Smart Conversion Feature that adapts with your refrigeration needs with just a push of a button. Being on the go, you don’t have all the time in this world. So have your food always ready with Samsung Microwave Oven’s Healthy Steam Function that keeps the moisture and flavor of your food intact.


Returning from a journey gets you all tired, and weary. Yes, we have all been there and we all have the need for a great recharge session to get you going again. Get the comfort that you deserve with the Samsung Split Type Inverter Air Conditioner . Enjoy a good night’s sleep with the “Digital 8-pole Inverter Technology” that produces less noise and greatly reduces energy consumption. It will totally eliminate your worry of having high electricity bills that keeps playing at the back of your head.  

Samsung has thoughtfully engineered these appliances to be the perfect counterparts in the household. The ingenuity of their products strive to uplift the hassles of the everyday lifestyle, giving you more time for tasks that require more attention.

You can get these appliances and other select releases with Samsung’s FlexiSpecials Promo. They’ll be available in all participating authorized dealers nationwide until September  30. For more information on how you can get these items, visit samsung.com/ph/offer/flexispecials.

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