Craft 1945 Fusing Old and New

One thing that Baguio City is famous for, aside from the weather, is the fact that the city, despite of the urbanization, still has places where remnants of the past still lives. Take for example the Laperal White House which stood the test of time to witness history as it unfolds, although regarded as a “haunted house” nowadays it is also proof that Baguio is home to old houses. 

Old houses in Baguio City, instead of leaving them to rot, people have found something useful to do with them, either to transform it as a museum, a guest house or in the case of Craft 1945 a restaurant.

The Old Baguio House Feel at Craft 1945

The Craft 1945 

Opened in August of this year 2018, Craft 1945 is an old house that was turned into a Spanish themed restaurant. The restaurant is located in Outlook Drive, the signage is easy to spot but the driveway might be easy to miss. From the main road you have to go through a driveway going up to the “house”. Parking space is quite spacious and the house will definitely give you that old Baguio house feel. Inside however, is a fusion of old and new vibe. The old refurbished structure of the house complete with its wooden floor works well with its warm lights, wooden tables and a mural that screams Spain. 

Sign from the main Road at Outlook Drive

Drink at Craft 1945

Craft 1945, is a collaboration between Casa Marcos which is a popular restaurant in Manila that serves Spanish dishes since 1945 and Baguio Craft Brewery, the forerunner in the Craft Beer industry in the Philippines, hence Craft 1945 (well I am assuming). This is one of the only restaurants in Baguio that has several taps of craft beer from Baguio Craft brewery aside from…well…Baguio Craft Brewery. They do serve a Craft beer that I am assuming (since I haven’t seen this at Baguio Craft) is exclusive only at Craft 1945, aptly named Craft 1945 and it only sells for P80.00 (not sure if this is an introductory price though). 

The Craft Beers 

Eat At Craft 1945

Craft 1945 serves Spanish dishes reminiscent of its roots from Casa Marcos. From Tapas, Mains and Paella’s you can definitely satisfy your Spanish dish cravings. As for our group, we ordered the Adobong Mushroom for starters, as for the mains Kalderetang Baka seemed like a good idea and an order of their Paella Marinara. Now I am no expert Spanish dishes but all I can say is that the food was really great! The Mushroom Adobo, at first looked like an oily serving of mushroom on a bed of oil, but I was really wrong. The “oil” actually is more of a sauce than just oil, the mushroom soaked up all the flavor from the “adobo sauce” and made a boring button mushroom into a delicious adobo bite. 

Adobong Mushroom

The Paella Marinara is a generous plate of seafood paella, an order is good for 2-3 persons. The first bite I took, was like a ratatouille movie scene but instead of taking me back to my childhood it took my senses to the sea, the feeling you get when you are by the beach eating seafood, and I am not even exaggerating (this is not a paid post and we paid for our food).

Paella Marinara

I am saving the best for last though, if you think the Paella Marinara was good, wait till you taste their Kalderetang Baka, the beef was so tender it almost melts in your mouth. The beef soaked up all the Kaldereta flavor that each bite is so flavorful. My proof that it is delicious? Well, I scraped the cast iron plate clean with my spoon only the bones were left and no sauce or tiny bits of pieces were spared. And I cannot stress this enough, this is not a paid post and I am not exaggerating, I just hope though that the food will be consistent when you do get your chance to visit Craft 1945. 

Kalderetang Baka

Almost Perfect Experience at Craft 1945

So the food was great, the beer was okay, I am not sure but it might just be me that the beer at Baguio Craft Brewery is just a little better than the one at Craft 1945. A slight mishap happened during our visit though, so I ordered iced tea for my daughter, she drank a 1/4 of the beverage when she told me to taste it as it tasted weird. I tasted it and true enough it tasted weird, specifically onion and iced tea mixed together. I asked a waiter (although I assume he is one in authority) to smell the ice tea and he promptly said sorry and told me that he will replace it. After a while, he returned and told me that they will not be able to serve the ice tea because the batch was all the same, so I asked what could be the alternative and he suggested a cucumber lemonade to which I gladly agreed. When the drink came it looked like a customized, genuine cucumber lemonadenot just the run-off-the-mill cucumber lemonade that is served by some restaurants. I tasted it and it was refreshing, the thinly sliced cucumber added to that refreshing factor. Disaster averted due to the quick thinking of Craft 1945 staff. 

Despite that, I would still give Craft 1945 during this visit, 5/5-star for food, 5/5-star for beverage and 5/5-stars for customer service. Few mistakes may happen especially for newly opened restaurants and having eaten to quite a few restaurants I came to accept that fact but what should matter most is the consistency of the delicious food that they serve once the first year of operation is done. 

Food and Beer at Craft 1945

I would recommend giving Craft 1945 a try and I would definitely be back with my appetite in tow. 

Photos taken with the #ZenFoneMaxPro 

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