Extraordinary Teachers Recognized By an Extraordinary Company

Several years back, before I went into traveling and digital marketing, I was a private school teacher. Even when I was employed with the top school in Baguio City, I still experienced the hardships of a school teacher, the fact that you have to work beyond your working hours to the point of spending most of life in school will really affect your lifestyle. After 6 years of teaching I had to quit due to health reasons and that is when I realized that those who stay in the teaching profession are really built for it and have the resilience that no one can match.

The ALS Teachers and NALSTAR

Compared to ALS Teachers, I think I am very lucky to have been employed with a top private school. During the National Search for Outstanding ALS Teachers a collaboration project by Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation Inc. and the Department of Education, I was able to witness through the stories of the finalists and winner of the first National Alternative Learning System Teacher’s Achievement Recognition (NALSTAR) the real plight of our ALS Teachers. Their stories of sacrifices and triumphs as they teach underprivileged students are truly inspiring. What is sad however is that these sacrifices goes unrewarded and not widely known to the public. This is until Cebuana Lhuillier organized the NALSTAR which is aimed at giving due honor and national recognition to the ALS Teacher by recognizing his/her exemplary performance, dedication and outstanding achievements in the promotion of literacy among the deprived, depressed and underserved populace. The awarding ceremony was at Hotel Supreme Baguio.

The Cebuana Lhuillier NALSTAR Winner is:


First off, I think everybody who made it to the finals are already winners, for me, it is a win for all ALS Teachers because of the wide recognition that is being given to them through this awarding event. This time around Windel Alvarez an ALS Teacher from Caramoan Camarines Sur will be taking home P250,000 seed money as the chosen winner for NALSTAR. The seed money will be used to fund his own ALS School. Aside from that Mr. Alvarez will also take home a trophy which form me, may serve as beacon of inspiration for all ALS teachers.



To Conclude

The National ALS Teachers’ Achievements Recognition for me is one of the best way to recognize ALS teachers and should continue as a source of inspiration for teachers. The ALS Program is able to help a lot of students who are unable to enter the regular school system, it keeps their dreams alive of finishing school, moreover it helps them learn what they need to learn to further their status in life and society. Just like what Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation Inc. Executive Director Jonathan Batangan explained during the press conference that ALS students learn more than academics. And for students to learn these an ALS Teacher must be passionate enough to bring about positive change into the students and society in general. Just like what Jean Henri Lhuillier, PJLI president and CEO said:

“The success of the ALS program can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of its educators, who give more than a 100% of their efforts in moulding and educating the youth, especially those coming from indigent communities. NALSTAR is our means to recognize their selfless commitment to teaching.”


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