Flying from San Francisco to San Diego Via Alaska Air

After a very exciting, awesome and other superlatives that can describe my experience in Connect Live 2018, I am bound to go from San Francisco to San Diego this time to meet my family. Days prior to going to San Diego I was searching online on the top airlines that fly from San Francisco to San Diego. In 2014 I did the same flight from SF to SD but I didn’t have a pleasant flight so this time around I made sure that I will be having the best experience.

After scouring the internet, one airline is always on top of the list and that is Alaska Air. Since most of the websites I visited has placed Alaska Air in the top three then it must be one of the best if not the best. Long story short, I booked with Alaska Air. I opted to go directly on to their booking website and the lo an behold the booking process was really easy. The only thing about booking online is sometimes you get sidetracked to buying things on other websites, just like the Gucci bag that I think would be a nice present to someone special but I digress.

At the Airport

When I arrived at the San Francisco International airport, I got confused, I thought I need to speak to the lady at the counter to get my airline ticket, apparently you can just go to the kiosk, enter your booking number and viola! your boarding ticket will be printed! This process made it so easy for me. After going through the security check, I just waited to board the plane. Nothing much happened except our plane was slightly delayed since the crew of the plane hasn’t arrived yet because they got held up in their flight.

When we finally Boarded

Boarding the plane was easy but one thing caught my attention, the plane is not what I expected to be donning the colors of Alaska air, it was actually that of Virgin Airlines. However, a quick check online made me realize that Alaska air acquired Virgin Airlines.

Inside the plane, there are a lot of leg room from where I was seating and it was the economy class seat so that is quite surprising. Not to mention the fact that every seat is equipped with a screen where you can watch some movies or TV shows while you are in flight. The staff were so friendly and overall the flight went smoothly. It felt so awesome to have tried flying in one of the famous Virgin Airline aircraft.

Time to watch a Movie

It is because awesome experience with this airline that I would definitely recommend Alaska air as your airline of choice when you fly around the United States.



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