5 Things I Use My ZenfoneMaxPro Aside from Gaming

Dubbed as the Battery King the ZenfoneMaxPro appeared to have been developed with the mobile gamers in mind. Who doesn’t want to play longer without having to worry about charging their phone so often? When I got hold of my ZenfoneMaxPro, I would admit that I first downloaded games like PUBG, however, as my usage of the phone increased I realized that the battery king can also be a great travel companion! It has become my device of choice when I travel and here are the five things on how I use the ZenfoneMaxPro

  • Capture Moments – the camera on the ZenfoneMaxPro is pretty good for its class. The best part about it is that I can take a Bokeh photo thanks to its dual rear camera. When I first tried it out taking a food photo, I was surprised at how good my photo turned out that I have used the Zenfone Max Pro for my food photography in my travels ever since.
    Bagels Served at Googleplex During the Connect Live Summit Captured with ZenfoneMax Pro


  • A Music Maestro – for some reason the sound quality of the Zenfone Max Pro is way better than the other phones I have tried. I guess it is because of the 5 magnet loudspeaker or let’s just say they built the audio on the Zenfone Max Pro way better that is reduced sound distortion and made the sound quality better. I have been using several Android phones and to be honest this is the only one I use for music, it’s like it is the only phone worthy of my Spotify playlist.
    Listening to My Favorite Music on Spotify


  • Cinematic Experience – combine the awesome sound quality, the bigger screen (well a little bit bigger) and the longer battery life, makes the Zenfone Max Pro also my choice of smartphone when watching my favorite movies, T.V. shows, and Vlogs on Netflix and YouTube. Watching a video being played on a mobile phone that provides good quality audio and video resolution makes me forget about long travel.
    Choosing what to watch on Netflix


  • A place to Learn – sometimes my travel mood calls for a good book to read. I would always use my phone for reading e-books bought on Amazon. The good thing about my Zenfone Max Pro is that the battery life is longer and the screen is bigger. I do not have to worry about cutting my reading short while in the climax of the story to charge the phone, nor do I need to squint my eyes because of a small screen.
    Reading my Favorite Book on Zenfone Max Pro


  • Manage my Investments – okay, the Zenfone Max Pro may not play the primary role in this, but as a person who is into buying stocks and other investments through different apps I’d say these apps performs well on the Zenfone Max Pro.

    Using the Investment App

Since traveling is one of my favorite things to do I realized just now while writing this blog that the Zenfone Max Pro is my primary phone since I do have more than one phone. For a competitive price with powerful hardware in tow I think you are getting a better deal when you purchase this phone, I know I did!

If that’s not enough, the Zenfone Max Pros are made more affordable with their new prices as follows:

4GB/64GB – 16MP+5MP Rear Cams – PHP 10,995

3GB/32GB – 13MP+5MP Rear Cams – PHP 8,995

I love capturing Bokeh shots using the Zenfone Max Pro. Took this at the Googleplex during the Connect Live Summit and during the autumn season.



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