London for foodies

Do you love food? Well, then you must explore London. After all, it is a heaven for foodies and today; you will come across a huge range of different cuisines apart from the traditional English food and dishes. Book Cathay Pacific airlines online right away and embark on a culinary journey in England. Look for markets and streets where you will have fewer distractions and more places to eat.

Millions of tourists arrive in London to explore its touristic attractions, and for most of them, the visit has to do with food too. You would truly be surprised as to how many fun foodie things you can do in London. Catch the best flights to London, and you can easily spend a couple of days enjoying the gastronomic scene that the city is so famous for.   Enjoy sumptuous breakfasts, fine lunches and great dinners at stunning places.

Here are some of the coolest restaurants and top places where you can try the best food options London has to offer.

English breakfast and afternoon tea– The Wolseley is the top favorite and is well known for its excellent food and services. Book ahead for your spot as the historic grand café is always crowded. E. Pellicci is another incredibly warm place where you will feel like a part of the community. Enjoy proper English breakfast here along with strong tea if you want to enjoy the British custom of afternoon tea, head for Savoy Hotel. This is your chance to feel like an old-fashioned aristocrat and enjoy tea with cakes and scones in a beautiful space.

For lunch– Shoreditch is a popular neighborhood that is well famous for restaurants, shops, and galleries. And if you are looking for lunch, you can find a great option here at Rochelle Canteen that is located in an old school canteen. Duck & Waffle is another popular place that serves British cuisine with a twist. You can look out the windows and enjoy spectacular views as well as food.

For Chinese and Thai food- If you are looking for best Chinese food in London, you will find it at Xi’an Impression. Located across the street from Emirates Stadium, it is a must to visit the dining place that serves hand-pulled noodles, beef buns and chicken in ginger sauce. For those who love Thai food, need not get disappointed as they can head for the Taiwanese spot, Bao. you can judge its popularity by those long queues outside. Some of their top hits are trotter nuggets or beef with aged soy and the bao buns.

For late night hangouts and food – At Hoppers, you can enjoy the best curry in London. Serving Sri Lankan cuisine, make a perfect start with the crispy bowl-shaped pancake with spicy curries and chutneys. Other incredibly good options include black pork curry and devilled shrimp dish. If you are thinking of having dinner at a classic London restaurant, then J Sheekey is highly recommended. The old-fashioned spot is a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy a few glasses of wine and later dine on some high-quality shellfish. The unpretentious and relaxed elegance of the restaurant keeps you cool and comfortable.

Street foods – Head for the streets and local markets if you want to explore the local food scene in London. Maltby Street Market is very popular among London locals who come here to eat those scotch eggs and soup dumplings. Borough Market is the most famous and well known for fresh produce and hundreds of food stalls that sell delicious snacks and recipes made from local fresh ingredients. Follow a guide, or you will remain spoilt for choices. Some of the most voted are Bread Ahead vanilla donut, Kappacasein cheese toastie, and oysters from Richard Haward. You cannot miss Dinerama in Shoreditch if you love street food experiences. Try out something unique and delicious at those food stalls. Dinerama is another place to enjoy prawns, donuts, steamed buns, and more.


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