Traveling With the Zenfone Live L1

Traveling these days is incomplete without us having the capability to capture every moment of our vacation. This is why it is important to have a camera or at least a smartphone with you whenever you go on a trip. Now, traveling alone could cost us a fortune this is why you need every “hack” you can get to save every peso. Luckily, you do not have to “hack” your way to buying a smartphone. With the introduction of the latest smartphone components, an affordable smartphone is within reach.

The Zenfone Live L1

The Zenfone Live L1 is Zenfone’s answer to the affordable smartphone arena. Some may think that affordability will sacrifice quality, this is not the case with the Zenfone Live L1 or any Zenfone for that matter. I got the chance to use the Zenfone Live L1 and I can definitely say that quality was never sacrificed. Some parts are really notable especially so, that it helps me in capturing the moments in my travels. Here are the things I like about the Zenfone Live L1.

1. Capturing my Travels with its 13MP Rear Camera – for a traveler like me, capturing the moment is very important, so my smartphone travel companion must be able to capture the moment. The Zenfone Live L1 does not disappoint. With its 13MP rear camera, you do not only capture the moment but capture it with a quality that you can be proud of sharing on your social media accounts.

2. Long Battery life that lasts up to 28 days on standby – So when I traveled to Sayangan Atok Benguet to take some photos of the new and beautiful places that this place has to offer, I was worried that the Zenfone Live L1 might not last the whole day. I was of course wrong, even with heavy use on photo capturing and use of Google Maps, I was able to complete my day travel exploring Atok and back to Baguio with more battery to spare. Thanks to the Zenfone Live L1’s 3000 mAh battery, you can also watch up to 8 movie-length videos, or up to 4 days of music playback. Point, it with its battery capacity you can do more with the Zenfone Live L1.

3. Easy to Handle – the design and build of the Zenfone Live L1, for me, made this phone easy to handle. It is lightweight which makes it easy to bring just anywhere. Handling the phone with its 5-inch body is really makes  that shift from portrait to landscape view when capturing a scene, a breeze.

4. Immersive Entertainment – remember when I told you that Zenfone made this affordable phone without skimping on the features? The 18:9HD, 5.5 Screen is a proof of that, because it allows you to enjoy Netflix in HD.


5. Talk about Affordability – so, I love how Zenfone gives you a choice based on your budget and need, the Zenfone Live L1 comes in two variants namely:

5.1 The 2GB/16GB Zenfone Live L1 which is priced at Php 5,995.00
5.2 The 1GB/16GB Zenfone Live L1 which is priced at Php 4,995.00

The Zenfone Live L1 is definitely a phone for those who are looking to use something during their travel but doesn’t want to break the bank doing so. Its affordable price with its quality components will make you feel that (and you should) you got a great deal for a smartphone.

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