How You Can Surprise Your Mom for Mother’s Day with GCash

Every day should be a day we honor the person who brought us into this life, and all the other women in our lives who created, supported, and continues to give life. But whether we want to admit it or not, we don’t do that every day. That’s why during Mother’s day, make sure your mom feels how much you mean to her. Have you thought of a wonderful way to send that message to your super mom tomorrow? Here are four steps you can surprise her for Mother’s Day tomorrow.

Step 1 – Find out she wants

First, find out what your mom wants. Do you see her eyeing that new set of cookware at the mall? Or do you think she needs a new phone? Or perhaps a day of pampering at the salon or spa is what she needs? If you can find out what she wants to have but would never even plan on buying it herself (because moms are selfless like that), the surprise will be better. But if you have no idea, simply ask a rhetorical question. For example, ask what she wants to buy if she magically had x amount in her wallet.

Step 2 – Express how much you want to buy it for her but you’re cashless

After finding out what she wants, tell her you want to buy it for her right now, but unfortunately, you can’t because you currently have that amount of cash with you at the moment.

Step 3 – Transfer money from GCash to your mom’s bank account

Next thing you can do is surprise her by sending money to her bank account through Gcash. Not only is it real-time so you can do it easily without her knowing, transfer from GCash to any bank account has no transaction fees (yes it’s totally free!) so you don’t have to worry about additional fees to budget for your mother’s day surprise. You can even invite your mom to the mall for a stroll, and transfer the amount while she’s not looking! Just make sure you have the right bank account number.

Step 4 – Let her treat herself

Viola! Lead your mom to where she can buy the item or avail the service and tell her to pay it herself. If she starts scolding you, immediately tell her she doesn’t have to worry because you have it covered and you just sent money to her bank account, add a mother’s day greeting and a kiss or a hug for good measure.

That’s how easy it is to surprise your mom for mother’s day using GCash! You might have to use a bit of acting skills and your GCash app, but we’re sure it will be worth it especially if you get to make her feel very special on mother’s day.



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