A Feast At Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant

If there one thing that I learned from this La Union trip is that it is really difficult to find a local restaurant. Good thing we found Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant. See, when traveling I always put the “franchise” restaurant chains last in my must eat list. As for this adventure, we tried winging it so from Caba La Union to San Fernando la Union we tried looking for a local restaurant which we could try and hopefully blog about it (if I do not like the food or service I don’t write about it but I might leave a review on Google maps).

Locating Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant

It took us several minute before finally deciding on a place to eat. We were having trouble in choosing so we let google maps and its local guides to help us. We opened the app and immediately we are drawn to the good reviews of Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant. It is really easy to locate, at least for me because I am familiar with the place, the area is where we usually go swimming when I was young.

The Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant Ambiance

Immediately upon entering Patio Del Sol you will notice the rustic ambiance of the place. There are no fancy tables, chairs or menus. You get a wide rectangular table but the best part about this is that most of the tables are situated by the “window”. The best part about this is that you are literally close to the beach. You can actually jump out of the window walk on the beach, get your feet wet and be back when your order is ready.


The Food at Patio Del Sol Restaurant

We ordered three things at Patio Del Sol, their version of a seafood boil which is dubbed as the Seafood Medley, the traditional Ilocano Dish Dinengdeng and a platter of mixed fried seafood and chicken with a side of red eggs, tomatoes, onions and cooked eggplant.


The Seafood Medley

The seafood medley is a combination of local blue crabs, shrimps, squid and mussels, all drenched in their special sauce. For me the sauce was a tad sweet, it is still delicious but for me it is far from the seafood boil flavor that I came to know. If you started with this type of flavor I guess its fine since you do not have anything to compare it with, otherwise you would prefer the other one. Servings are huge which is good for 2-4 persons.



The Dinengdeng

A popular Ilocano dish, the Dinengdeng is a combination of different vegetables commonly found in Ilocos and cooked with “bagoong” or fermented fish sauce. The Patio Del Sol version comes with string beans, saluyot leaves, slices of sweet potato, eggplants and sponge gourd (patola). It also comes with what i think is a whole grilled milk fish sliced into two. All I can say is that the taste is delicious especially for an Ilocano palate like mine. Huge servings and really affordable.


A Platter of Fried Stuff

Well, to quell your doubts it is actually a platter of fried shrimp, milkfish, tilapia and chicken. This platter also comes with slices of tomatoes, onions, cooked eggplant and red eggs. It is a good way to cut the sweetness of the seafood medley. It is good and has that rustic look and taste to it.

A Coconut Drink

In Baguio City, we find people selling coconuts in any parts of the city. Some restaurants serve coconut drinks in a shell. However, at Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant, they serve the coconuts chilled unlike those served in Baguio where it is in room temperature. My thirst was really quenched because of this chilled coconut and I wanted more! I failed to order another one though.

Final Thoughts on Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant

If you happen to be in San Fernando La Union, you really must try the food at Patio Del Sol, there are some that I didn’t enjoy eating (*cough seafood medley*cough), but that doesn’t mean that the place is not a must try. I highly recommend trying out their food, remember, we all have different taste buds so what might be delicious for me is not delicious for you and vice versa. If you are going as a group you might want to try their group meals from the looks of it, it is going to be a real feast for you at Patio Del Sol Seafood Restaurant.


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