Visiting the Eagle of the North

What was initially planned as a personal local guides task turned out to be a group trip that landed us at the Eagle of the North and some other parts of La Union. La Union is a province in the northern region of the Philippines and it is about 1-2 hours travel from Baguio City. It is composed of 19 municipalities and a component City, so you can just imagine how big this province is.

As a local guide (Google Local Guide) I took it upon myself to help contribute in Google Maps with the purpose of making it accurate, and of course to justify my travels, but I digress.
So the main goal of the trip was to put a name to the unknown road which was a new route fro La Union to Baguio which was recently constructed by the government (more on that later). When we exited the road we found ourselves at Tubao La Union and took the right turn going to Agoo. Our goal then was to visit some tourist destinations in the different municipalities of La Union.

Meeting the Eagle of the North

As we were traversing the Jose Aspiras National Highway, I saw from a distance, a huge monument of an eagle. We stopped near the monument and disembarked to take photos. What I noticed is that since it is located along the road not many people would stop and take photos, unlike that of the famous Kennon Road Lion’s Head where travelers would actually make an effort to stop and climb the Lions Head for the “gram”. One reason maybe is that the location of the Eagle of the North is on a busy street and behind it are community auditorium and evacuation area (for when there are natural disasters). Or maybe, during that time, there were no tourists going to the area.

What Is the Eagle of the North

One might wonder what is the eagle of the north, what was its purpose and why was it built?

The eagle of the north was constructed to compliment the “ecological endowment” of Marcos Highway. According to one Local Guide review on Google Maps the Eagle of the North signifies travelers that you are near “baguio city”. To accurately put it though, you are near the entrance to the roads leading to Baguio City like the new Tubao-Nangalisan Road or the more popular Marcos Highway.

The eagle was designed and built by Anselmo Day-ag and it was completed in May 31, 1982.

Is it worth the visit? For the “gram” yes as the eagle of the north really big and you feel dwarfed standing next to it.

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