RedDoorz: A Door to Enter This Rainy Season

Rainy season isn’t a reason to stop wandering. For people who are eager to explore the country, no matter how much the rain pours or no matter foggy the surrounding gets, the exploring, fun, important meetings, and business travels must go on. If you’re one of the many who are fond of travelling and escapes, a comfortable and affordable accommodation is simply one of your necessities. So don’t let the rain hamper your travels and escapes, book your stay in a budget friendly accommodation which provides discounts from time to time. And that’s when RedDoorz comes in. But for those who aren’t yet so familiar with RedDoorz, what is it exactly?


RedDoorz is a hotel booking app that ties up with hotels all over south east asia, which apparently includes our country, Philippines. Some cities of the philippines already have RedDoorz hotels which offers wanderlust tourists an affordable place to stay. The RedDoorz Hotel Booking App which could be downloaded for free in both Google Play and App Store makes booking a lot easier for everyone who are using the app. 

So if you couldn’t help but to travel and find escapes this rainy season, enter the right door! And now, the question is, for those who are bound to set foot to the City of Pines, are there RedDoor Hotels here in Baguio City? 


The answer is a big YES, there are! Luckily, for those who are aiming to push through with their rainy day escapade here in the City of Pines to catch the foggy ambiance and cold weather, there are already RedDoorz accommodations where they could run and book to should they have just the right amount of budget in hand allotted for accommodation. One of the RedDoorz hotels in Baguio City is the RedDoorz near Mines View Park Baguio.

Planning to visit Baguio City this Rainy Season to experience how the city is like with all the fog and chilly weather? Make your way to a RedDoorz hotel for a budget friendly stay. They are currently offering a Rainy Season Promo to make the most of your stay in RedDoorz Hotels all over the country as inexpensive as possible.

To avail the rainy season promo when you book your stay, Download the RedDoorz app and use the promo code TRAVELESCAPES27 to get a 20% discount. This promo is valid only from August 15, 2019 up until October 15, 2019 so better book your stay as early as possible if you’re really planning to pay the City of Pines a visit.


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