Panagbenga 2020 The Silver Anniversary

The Panagbenga 2020 is again upon us and with it comes another exciting festival from the city of Baguio. For several years now, I have been covering the Panagbenga Festival or also known as the Baguio Flower Festival. Each year the Panagbenga Festival brings in new concepts and ideas and I personally expect that the organizers will exceed the spectacle that they have showcased in 2019. Being born and raised in Baguio I have personally witnessed the Panagbenga Festival since the beginning and through the years we could say that it has come a long way since then.

The Panagbenga 2020 is the 25th year that this festival is being celebrated, one could say it is the silver anniversary of the festival. It has been 25 years since the festival whose purpose was to invigorate the dying tourism industry in the city of Baguio. There was a time when the tourism industry in Baguio was in total slump because of the 1990 Killer Earthquake that claimed thousands of lives in Baguio. The earthquake brought the city to its knees and since then tourist visit in Baguio was very low if not inexistent. This is why every year we celebrate the Panagbenga festival which also translates to the season of blooming as the city started to blossom during the introduction of this festival.

Panagbenga Festival 2020 Theme

The theme for the silver anniversary of the Panagbenga Festival is “Blooming through the years”.

What Month Is Panagbenga Festival?

For those who are asking, the Panagbenga Festival is being celebrated during the month of February. Why February? It is because the perfect time in between Christmas seasons and the Summer Months. Prior to Panagbenga the tourists flocks to Baguio during the Christmas season and Summer Season only so Baguio tourism is down during the months of January, February up to March. The Month of February is the perfect time to revitalize tourism in Baguio during the first quarter of the year. The Panagbenga Festival started as a week-long celebration in February until a week no longer enough to celebrate the season of blooming thus it was decided to be a month-long celebration.

Why Is Panagbenga Celebrated?

As I mentioned above, the Panagbenga Festival is being celebrated to commemorate the rise of Baguio City from the 1990 Killer Earthquake. It is a celebration of life and a celebration of thanksgiving. This is why the festival was called Panagbenga because it came from the Kankanaey word which means Season of Blooming. It was during the rise of Baguio from the 1990 earthquake that the city started to bloom.

What Does Panagbenga Mean?

Panagbenga is a Kankanaey word the means “season of blooming”. This is a symbolic meaning to the blooming of Baguio City after it was devastated by a strong earthquake in 1990. The Festival is celebrated because just like the phoenix, Baguio City rose from the ashes/rubble brought about by the 1990 Earthquake.

Baguio blooms

What is the Costume of the Panagbenga Festival?

The Panagbenga Festival is focused on flower-themed costumes. It is during the opening and grand parades that you will see the participants wearing colorful flower costumes. The Colorful costumes combined with the graceful street dances makes the parades a feast for the eyes.

The Panagbenga 2020 Schedule

If you are planning to experience Panagbenga 2020 here is the schedule of activities for the silver anniversary of the Panagbenga Festival.

Panagbenga 2020 schedule credits to Baguio City Guide

The Panagbenga 2020 Schedule of Activities

Date and TimeActivitiesVenue
February 1, 2020Panagbenga Opening DayPanagbenga Park to DILG to Session Road to Magsaysay to Harrison Road to Baguio Athletic Bowl
February 1- March 8, 2020Baguio Blooms Exposition Baguio Convention Center Parking Area
February 1- March 8, 2020Landscaping Exhibition and CompetitionDesignated areas in CBD/Parks
February 13-15, 2020School-based Landscaping Competition (Judging)Participating Schools in Elementary and High School
February 14-16, 2020PMA Alumni Homecoming WeekendPMA Loakan Road Baguio City
February 16, 2020Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio
-Let a thousand Flowers Bloom
-Panagbenga Open Kite Flying Competition
-Panagbenga Cultural Show
-Fireworks Display
Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds
February 22, 2020Panagbenga Cultural Dance CompetitionMelvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds
February 22, 2020Flower Tee Golf TournamentBaguio Country Club
February 29, 2020Grand Street Dance ParadePanagbenga Park>DILG>Session Road> Magsaysay Avenue> Harrison Road> Baguio Athletic Bowl
March 1, 2020Grand Float ParadeDILG>Session Road>Harrison Road>Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds
February 29-March 1, 2020Sponsor’s DayBaguio Athletic Bowl (Feb. 29)
Melvin Jones Footbal Grounds (March 1)
March 2-8, 2020Session Road in BloomSession Road
March 7, 2020Pony Boy’s DayWright Park
March 8, 2020Closing and Awards Ceremonies
Grand Fireworks Display
Baguio Athletic Bowl
-Fireworks 5 stations City-wide

Transportation to Baguio

Inside the Premiere Bus of Joybus

Of course before you could join in the celebration of the Panagbenga 2020 you should know how to get to Baguio City First. As of now Baguio is accessible only via land travel you can either use a private vehicle or ride a bus to Baguio City. There are several buses that go to Baguio among them are Victory Liner, Joybus/Genesis and Solid North that is assuming of course that you are coming from Manila. If you are coming from Pangasinan, Tarlac or Pampanga you can ride the same buses only if they include your provinces in their route or there are public vans that also travel from the provinces to Baguio City. The Fare from Manila to Baguio would range from 500 pesos-800 pesos.

PRO-Tip: Book your tickets early because there are a huge influx of travelers especially during the Grand Parades (see schedule). This way you will avoid having to line up or worst unable to get a bus ticket. You can book ahead online through online ticketing systems like IwantSeats. Booking online is the most convenient way to book your bus tickets. In addition, as much as possible book your return tickets at the same time when you buy your bus tickets to Baguio. Trust me the lines can get verrryy long at the bus station after the grand parades and the day after.

Accommodation or Hotels in Baguio

Another thing that you have to plan on is the place where you want to stay there are several options from a backpacker friendly budget accommodation to luxurious yet comfortable hotel stay. For hotels in Baguio, here are some suggested hotels to stay in:

Hotels at Session Road:

  1. City Center Hotel – Check Details and Book 
  2. Benguet Prime Hotel – Check Details and Book 
  3. G1 Lodge Hotel – Check Details and Book
  4. Hotel 45 – Check Details and Book

Hotels along Legarda Road (Near Burnham Park)

  1. Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre – Check Details and Book
  2. 456 Hotel – Check Details and Book
  3. Orchard Hotel – Check Details and Book
  4. Ritz Legarda – Check Details and Book
  5. Travelite Hotel Legarda – Check Details and Book
  6. Hotel Henrico – Check Details and Book
  7. Casa Vallejo – Check Details and Book

Hotels along Kisad Road (Near Burnham Park)

  1. Burham Suites – Check Details and Book
  2. City Travel Hotel – Check Details and Book
  3. Venus Parkview Hotel – Check Details and Book
  4. Crown Legacy Hotel – Check Details and Book
  5. Hotel Henrico Kisad – Check Details and Book

Hotels inside Camp John Hay

  1. The Manor – Check Details and Book
  2. The Forest Lodge – Check Details and Book
  3. Le Monet Hotel – Check Details and Book

Hotels along Leonardwood Road (Near Baguio Botanical Garden)

  1. Azalea Hotels and Residences – Check Details and Book
  2. Safari Lodge – Check Details and Book
  3. Newtown Plaza Hotel – Check Details and Book
  4. La Casa Bianca – Check Details and Book 

Hotels Near Mines View

  1. Mines View Park Hotel – Check Details and Book
  2. C Boutique Hotel – Check Details and Book 
  3. Ridgewood Hotel – Check Details and Book 

For more hotels and transient houses you can check the list of hotels and transient houses by Baguio City Guide.

PRO-Tip: Book your accommodation early! In my experience, rooms have been booked since December. Do not wait until the last moment to book and do not go to Baguio with plans of staying overnight without booking ahead. Just like in any other place there are scammers out there, do not become a victim, lakbay baguio is an official Agoda partner the most trusted Online Booking system in the world.

Things to Remember for Panagbenga 2020

So are you excited for Panagbenga 2020? Before you come to Baguio here are things you should remember:

  1. Since some roads will be closed expect traffic in the different parts of the City, Baguio is a walkable city so it would be best to walk to your destination.
  2. Google Maps is Your Friend. Use Google Maps to find your way around Baguio.
  3. Ilocano is the common language when talking to locals however, Tagalog and English is okay too.
  4. Don’t See a trash can? Bring your trash with you until you find a suitable trash bin. DO NOT LITTER.
  5. Rehydrate when watching the parades, while the weather might be cold rehydrating is still important while watching the parades to avoid that trip to the hospital.
  6. Obey traffic rules if you ever bring your vehicle, as a pedestrian, use pedestrian lanes and overpass to avoid accidents.
  7. While watching the parade it would be best to be mindful of the people around you and keep your valuables close to you.
  8. Have fun and enjoy Panagbenga Festival 2020.

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