The Huge Flower Farm in Atok Benguet | Northern Blossom

Well, every farm is huge and for good reasons too. The wider the land the more surface area to plant and in thus producing a bigger harvest. But what happens if you turn a farm into a tourist destination? The result is a huge tourist destination for the people to go around. This is what happened with northern blossom flower farm in Sayangan Atok Benguet. What started as a flower farm  that supplies flowers to Baguio especially during panagbenga and in Manila, is now one of the primary destination for tourists at Atok Benguet.


Experiencing The Northern Blossom Tour

It was about 10AM when we arrived at the Northern Blossom flower farm, although this is not my first time here, this is my first time since the improvements to the farm was introduced. The new building beside the family home of the owner is where the registration area is located. You have to take a number card and wait for your turn to be called. This is a testament to the influx of people to this farm just to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Entrance fee to Northern Blossom Flower farm is P250 per person. After payment, you have to wait for your turn to be catered to by their tour guide.

When it was our turn, our guide told us a little bit about the farm and some standard precautions. Here are somethings that you have to remember:

  1. You can roam around the farm as long as you want
  2. You will be given plastic chips which you will exchange for your food after the tour, it is comprised of cookies/bread and unlimited brewed arabica coffee.
  3. Bring water with you when exploring the flower farm, remember to rehydrate. The cool weather might trick you into not re-hydrating.
  4. DO NOT pick or destroy the flowers/plants.
  5. Be mindful of other people taking photos, wait for your turn.
  6. You will explore about 3-hectares of farm it would be best to protect yourself from harsh sunlight.
  7. Rest if you get tired.
  8. Do Not Litter
  9. Enjoy and Have Fun
  10. The farm closes at 4:30PM and the farm is closed on Mondays

Northern Blossom Flowers

The flowers that I saw at the farm are not only native to the Philippines, some of them are imported from other countries. With the cool weather some flowering plants abroad are able to grow and thrive at the farm. One of the main highlights of the farm are the rose cabbage patches. These rose cabbages are mainly used for ornamental purposes. You will see these at wedding receptions as table centerpieces. You can also find other flowers at the farm like snapdragons, hydrangeas, statices, rice flowers, sunflowers among others. This makes this side of the mountain a lot more colorful.


The Northern Blossom Landscape View

Situated at the side of a mountain, the Northern Blossom flower farm is the perfect place to watch the sunrise over Mount Pulag, the third highest mountain in the Philippines. The location of the farm also gives you a great view of Mount Timbac, the third highest mountain in Northern Luzon and the 9th highest mountain in the Philippines. When I first visited Northern Blossom I was early enough to catch the sunrise and it is truly a magnificent experience.


Going to Northern Blossom

Land travel via Car, Van or Bus are your options going to Sayangan Atok Benguet. The entrance to the farm is along the national highway and near the central business district area of Sayangan. It is about 2 hours ride from Baguio City.

The Northern Blossom flower farm is a must visit place if you plan to explore beyond the city of Baguio. It has tons of beauty to offer and not to mention the fact that Sayangan Atok Benguet also offers other tourist destinations such as the Sakura Park, Bosleng Grotto, 2nd Highest Point among others.

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