How to Start Your Urban Garden

Urban Gardening and how to start: Here’s a quick guide to get started with gardening!

Urban gardening is now becoming a trend for many good reasons. Having your own urban garden does not only please your eyes but it also provides the freshest food for you or even for your family. In addition, it is also a way for you to save a significant amount of money since having fresh picks from your garden may lead to lessening your grocery expenses.


Simply put, urban gardening is beneficial to you in many ways. If you think that starting your own urban garden is somewhat of a challenge, don’t fret because getting started is easier than you might have imagined. For some, growing a garden may even serve as their stress reliever and it might just be for you too.


Start your Urban Garden


Urban Gardening how to start, you ask? Here are some of the most important steps to take note of before even beginning to dig and plant.


STEP 1: Know Where to Put Up Your Garden

Not everyone who lives in the city has access to soil since some or maybe even most I’ve in high-rise buildings. There are also some who simply don’t have enough space to grow a garden. Nevertheless, it’s still possible for them to put up a garden.


No access to soil? Grow your garden on the roof, by the patio, on your balcony, or even just beside your window where there is sunlight, and place your plants in containers. But if you have access to soil anyway then you can use that to your advantage.


STEP 2: Determine What Plants You Want to Grow

Do you want to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables? Choose which plants are to make up your garden. You may also have a bit of everything if that’s what you prefer, but also consider to not plant too much. If you don’t have much space to accommodate your garden, only grow plants that you find useful.


However, before buying or gathering seeds to grow, determine first if the plants you are planning to grow can actually grow in your area. Seek help or advice from your fellow gardeners or ask your local seller for which plant is best to grow in your setting.


STEP 3: Get the Soil and Container Right

There are the right soil and the right container for every plant, so better get it right for the best produce. For some plants, pots work from the beginning until they are grown, but for some, there is a need for them to be transferred into even bigger containers. For these kinds of things, ask your fellow gardeners or your local seller which works for the plants you’ve chosen.


STEP 4: Consider Having a Compost Pile

Don’t let your kitchen waste or garden trimmings go to waste. If you have enough free time, aside from your garden, consider making a compost pile as well. The compost you will be accumulating can be used as soil or as fertilizer to your garden.


Making a compost pile isn’t so complicated and there are already several guides out there which you can easily follow. Try looking it up on Google and YouTube.


Ready to Dig, Plant, and Water your Garden?


Urban Gardening how to start? Start by knowing the basics then get your hands dirty! It is alright to make some mistakes along the way. Once you have gotten used to gardening, you’ll reap what you sow and it will be fulfilling!


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