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Craft 1945 Fusing Old and New

One thing that Baguio City is famous for, aside from the weather, is the fact that the city, despite of the urbanization, still has places where remnants of the past still lives. Take for example the Laperal White House which stood the test of time to witness history as it...


I’ve Found a Padrina in Il Padrino Baguio

My “padrina” and I checked out a new coffee shop along Session Road named Il Padrino. We ordered Macchiato for me and Twinnings tea for my diet-conscious friend. Macchiato is my choice every time I head out for coffee and therefore, I cannot help comparing them with what I had...

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Authentic Japanese Buffet At Shoriken

In the evolution of Baguio City’s food scene, the Japanese cuisine must have been the type of dish that played a love-hate relationship with the City of Pines. I say this because during the early 2000 there were a proliferation of Japanese restaurants in the City. Have you heard of...