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Baguio City Christmas 3

Christmas In Baguio

Its December and its Christmas time, here in Baguio City the season of Christmas is first felt not because of the onset of the “Sales” event at shopping malls instead it is felt by the drop in the temperature. Baguio City is known to be one of the coldest places...

Heritage Hill – Baguio City 4

Heritage Hill – Baguio City

If there is a place in Baguio City that should be given attention by the Baguio City Government this is the Heritage hill or also known as the Diplomat Hotel. The Diplomat Hotel or the Heritage Hill is rich in history because of the fact that the building survived World...

KULTURA SPLASH WAVE – Wave of Water Fun 3


According to the latest weather report, summer is already over, however that should not dampen the spirits of everyone because there will always be next year. Or if you are the adventurous type why not enjoy “like its summer” during the rainy season. If you are still in search for...