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The Panagbenga Festival

The Philippines is rich in culture and attractions and such culture is best exhibited during the celebration of every regions’ festival. In Baguio City the Panagbenga festival is considered as its national festival celebration. This is an annual celebration that means season of Blooming because of the fact that it...

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Panagbenga 2012 Launched

The Panagbenga 2012 Celebration was launched and it revealed several New activities that will be incorporated in this annual celebration in Baguio City. For Panagbenga 2012, each member of the community is encouraged to contribute in their own way for the success of this annual festival in Baguio City. With...

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The Panagbenga Festival 2011

The month-long celebration of the Panagbenga Festival is one of the best events in the City of Baguio. Every year tourists and locals alike flock to the streets of Baguio to witness the different activities for the whole month. Three of these myriad of activities stands-out and are considered to...